A garage door is an incredibly important piece of kit as the thing that keeps your garage shut off from the elements and potentially as a way to deter thieves. However, like all equipment, it will eventually start to break down and require repairs to keep functioning. Since most modern garage doors are run electronically, it’s important to keep an eye on their condition and ensure they receive the necessary repairs. While there are lots of signs to keep an eye out for when it comes to needing to repair your door, here are three of the big ones.


When you push the activation button for your door, it should always open smoothly and consistently. However, as time goes on it becomes increasingly likely that the door will begin to rust up and stick or slow down. This indicates that it is struggling to make smooth progress down the track. This indicates that your door needs rust repairs or to have some WD40 applied to the track (possibly both) to get it running smoothly again.


Garage doors may make the odd noise sometimes but what’s important to make note of especially loud noises or any that seem unusual or out of place. If your door is producing a lot of loud noises whenever you open the door then there’s a good chance that your door has some issues with its’ springs that need fixing.


When your garage door is opening, both sides of the door should be moving at the same speed. If this is not the case and one side is moving faster, then you have a problem. Generally, this kind of problem indicates that one of the door’s springs has broken and the door is now relying on a singular spring to raise and lower the door. You will need to get this fixed ASAP or the door will simply stop working altogether.

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