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Liftmaster Garage Door Opener For Home
Access myQ Via Smartphone
Liftmaster myQ

Experience the Convenience of Liftmaster myQ

Smokey’s Garage Door is proud to offer our customers myQ Connectivity on select LiftMaster garage door openers, gate operators, and commercial door operators. myQ lets you control your door systems from your smartphone, keeping you connected to your home or business wherever you are. With this technology, you’ll know when a LiftMaster door or gate has been left open and can close it with just the tap of a finger. You can even receive activity alerts to monitor when your doors are opening or closing. With LiftMaster myQ, you can feel at home, away from home.

Genie Aladdin
Jervis System

Make Your Garage as Smart as Your Home with Genie Aladdin Connect

Aladdin Connect® WiFi-connected garage door opener controller will give you peace of mind so that you won’t have to worry about whether your garage door has been left open. This smartphone-enabled garage door controller can be activated from anywhere at any time via the home’s Wi-Fi connection. Aladdin Connect controls and monitors the status (open or closed) of your garage door. With the newly added rules and time-based features, you can now set up Virtual Keys to grant access to relatives, service workers, or friends. Simply have them download the free app, add their name to your list of users, and provide them a length if access instant virtual key access! Looking for a way to schedule your door to automatically close at a certain time – Aladdin Connect allows you to set a rule for that! Want a garage door to close at a specific set-time frame – yes there is a rule for that too! Easy to install, the Aladdin Connect can be programmed by any homeowner for customization in minutes via a free downloaded application. Aladdin Connect puts you in control of the security of your home.

  • The Aladdin Connect app is free to use, with no additional fees or monthly charges!
  • Aladdin Connect is compatible with the most popular smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings,, Clare Controls, Brilliant Smart Home Systems, Control4, and Yonomi.
  • With the Aladdin Connect smart home skill for Amazon Alexa, customers can now use their voice to control Aladdin Connect garage opener by speaking commands directly to Alexa. For example, instead of saying “Alexa, ask Aladdin Connect to open my garage, customers may now just ask “Alexa, open my garage door”.
  • Control, Confirm, and Monitor your garage door right from your smartphone or other smart devices!
  • Retro-Fit Kit: “Make your 20-year-old garage door opener, SMART”
  • Monitor and Access From Anywhere. Aladdin Connect gives you the ability to monitor, open and close your garage door with your smartphone or smart device from anywhere (work, home, vacation, and everywhere!).
  • Set Up Custom Access and Alerts for the Entire Family
  • Control up to 3 Garage Doors. One door position sensor comes standard in this kit – but you can monitor up to 3 doors with additional door position sensors sold separately.
  • Automate Door Closing Times: Aladdin Connect lets you schedule specific times to close your garage door as well as set the door to close after a certain length of time.
  • Model: ALKT1-R
  • Compatible with Most Garage Door Openers. Aladdin Connect is Universal and works with most brands’ garage door openers manufactured after 1993 (see below)

Get The Aladdin Connect Advantage: Because the Aladdin Connect add on kit uses a sensor attached to the garage door itself, you are alerted as to whether the door changes to the fully open or closed position even if the door is operated manually by disengaging the door from the opener. That’s a big security advantage versus other systems that monitor the opener instead of the garage door position.

Genie has paired with these Smart Home Connected partners to give Aladdin Connect more capabilities:

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