If you’re trying to get in or out of your garage and the door won’t budge, there are several different ways you might be able to solve this problem. Follow these steps until the equipment begins to work normally again:

  1. Does your garage door have a handheld remote control? If so, you might need to buy new batteries or replace the entire remote. Test the door with a wall button or another remote if possible.
  2. Something could be preventing the door from moving. Make sure any locks or latches are disengaged. The bottom surface could be frozen to the floor, especially if it has a decaying weather seal. You can free it with heat, salt and/or hot water.
  3. If you use an automatic opener, it could’ve tripped the garage’s circuit breaker or blown its fuse (only some models have these). This is more likely to be the problem when an opener’s built-in light stays dark.
  4. Most electric openers have round sensor eyes; yours could need cleaning. Try to remove any dust or dirt with a piece of soft fabric. A grimy sensor often causes this equipment to falsely detect an obstruction.
  5. If an automatic unit still refuses to work, you can pull its emergency release handle to disengage the opener. This allows you to open and shut the door by hand until repairs are completed.
  6. When step #6 doesn’t solve the problem or you can’t move a door that doesn’t have an automatic opener, there’s probably something wrong with the mechanism. You might need new springs, rollers, cables or other components.

If you don’t succeed in finding a simple solution, it’s wise to call a qualified technician. This type of repair work can be hazardous without the appropriate tools, parts and expertise. Please contact our helpful staff for professional assistance.

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