More and more homeowners are opting to insulate their garages, so garage door insulation is increasingly in demand. Whether you spend hours in your garage every day or just simply use it as a place to park your car, an insulated garage door is a worthy investment. Here are 4 reasons to purchase an insulated garage door for your home:

  1. Save Money – The dog days of summer aren’t just caused by the heat, but also by exorbitant energy bills! The average 2 car garage measures 400 square feet, and if it’s attached to your home, it can really warm things up. An insulated garage door can cool down your garage during the hottest times of the year and therefore make the rest of your home more comfortable, requiring less energy usage.
  2. Aesthetic Value – Insulated garage doors have a sleek, smooth appearance. The white, finished look will appeal especially to those who spend a lot of time in their garage, using it as a rec room or workshop.
  3. Stronger Door – With steel covering both sides of the insulation, they are able to hold up against normal wear-and-tear better than the average garage door, which also means less maintenance costs.
  4. Reduce Noise – Having an insulated door helps to decrease the noise caused by normal operation, and can reduce the jarring sound of power tools or your teenager’s band practice.

To schedule an estimate on a new insulated garage door or garage door installation in Phoenix AZ, or if you have any questions, please contact Smokey’s Garage Door.

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