Every year, thousands of Americans are injured by garage doors, whether that is from a falling door or by getting their fingers stuck in the wrong places at the wrong time. Here are some things to check for to make sure your garage doors are safe.

Test Sensors and Auto Reverse

Make sure that the sensors, which are located on the floor on both sides of your door, are working properly. When they sense an object in the way of a closing door, the door should automatically reverse itself and stop closing. Test the sensors by placing an object under the door and try to close it. If the sensors are not working, clean them with a gentle cloth and try again. If it still does not reverse, call a professional to help you out.

Smooth Motion

Your garage doors should have a smooth motion when opening and closing. There should not be any tension, friction, or blockages to overcome when opening or closing the door. If it continues struggling to open and close, it may eventually break.

High-Quality Door

It’s so important to purchase a high-quality door with a good warranty. Doing so will ensure that you have a door that functions properly and won’t break down on you suddenly.

Regular Maintenance

Besides getting a good door from the start, it’s important to get your door checked regularly by a professional. Regular maintenance will enable you to spot and repair any problems before they cause your door to malfunction. You should make sure your door is working smoothly and that all safety features are in place. If a part is getting old or not working smoothly anymore, consider getting it replaced. Our professionals are trained to spot problems and fix them immediately. Contact us today for more information.

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