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You probably know the lifespan of just about all your appliances, gadgets, and other household items. However, have you given any thought to how long your garage door lasts? Unless your garage door is properly serviced, its days of smooth operation are limited.

You might be surprised to know that a properly managed and maintained door can last up to 20 years and in some cases even longer. Wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel garage doors all have between 10,000 to 20,000 torsion spring cycles. Here is what you should know about extending the lifespan of your garage door.

Clean it. The garage door is often one of the first things visitors notice when pulling up to your home. Most people associate a dirty garage door with an untidy home. Clean your garage door with a mild detergent the same as you would use on your car. Dishwashing detergent can also be used. Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe away dirt and smudges.

Check for failing or worn out parts. Listen for failing or worn parts. As soon as you hear something out of the ordinary with your door, call in an expert at Smokey’s Garage Door for a routine maintenance check.

Keep door parts lubricated. Apply a small coat of lubrication to the door’s springs and rollers to keep it operating at its best. WD-40 is a great lubricant for cleaning track and keeping the operating properly. However, it should not be used on door opener parts. Lubricating your garage door is recommended every 3 months.

A little preventative care goes a long way for your garage door. Yearly maintenance can extend the life of your garage door and its components which in the long run will also save you money.
If, despite the efforts you’ve taken to maintain your garage door, it’s fallen victim to damage or old age, it may be smart to invest in a new garage door. If you have questions, contact us today.

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You may have heard about the importance of garage door springs, but never understood what they do. While often overlooked, garage door springs are an essential part of any garage door opener.

Garage door springs are large springs that make it easier to open or close a garage door. For example, if a garage door weighs 50 pounds, the springs will provide the 50 pounds of force needed to raise or lower the door.

There are two types of garage door springs. One type is “torsion,” and these springs are located above your garage door. The other type is “extension,” springs, which are located along the side of the garage door or above the garage door tracks. Both types of springs come in a variety of models and sizes and are found in both residential and commercial garages. While torsion and extension springs work differently, both types allow you to raise and lower your garage doors with little effort.

Due to the amount of tension needed to open or close a garage, garage door springs are dangerous to work with and can cause serious injury. As a result, a professional should handle maintenance or repair.

As part of regular maintenance of your garage and garage door springs, you should check for any problems. Look if the garage door is running smoothly and if there are any unusual noises during operation. You should also visually examine your garage door springs. Check to see if your springs have any rust or corrosion. If there are two springs, make sure both of them are working symmetrically. Also check if the door is properly balanced and that each side of the door is opening and closing at the same rate.

If you need your garage door springs or any other part of your garage door serviced, contact us today. Our experienced technicians know how to safely maintain and repair your garage door springs.

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When planning a new garage door installation, you likely have lots of questions. Below are some answers to some of the ones our customers most often ask us.

#1. Can I keep my old track?

It is often possible to reuse the same track; however, doing so is not advised. Even if it’s in good condition, your old track is already worn and may therefore not last as long as your new door. In addition, your door might not operate as smoothly if you use your existing track. Keeping your old track will not really save you any money, so there is really no reason to hold onto it.

#2. Will my existing garage door opener still work?

In some cases, yes. To work properly, your existing opener must meet the safety standards contained in UL-325. It must also be in compliance with your new door. Any expert at Smokey’s Garage Door can perform a check on your opener and let you know whether or not it meets these requirements.

#3. What should I do before your technicians arrive?

Make sure that the area around your garage door is free of clutter or debris. We’ll need plenty of space in which to work, so we ask that you remove all vehicles from your garage. Please park those vehicles away from your garage if possible. This will allow us better access and limits the distance we have to carry your new door.

#4. How long does the installation process take?

Most projects can be completed in only a day. We’ll be able to provide you with a better timeline once we have looked at your garage and come up with an estimate.

These are just a few questions we hear on a regular basis, but you may have others that were not covered. If so, please contact us for reliable, trustworthy answers.

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You may not realize how often you use your garage door until something goes wrong. Keeping your garage door in good condition is important for your convenience and safety. Your garage door’s components will sometimes need to be replaced, including the rollers.

The signs that your garage door needs new rollers include:

Excessive Vibration When Operating

Your garage door should open and close smoothly. Your garage door’s rollers can become worn out over time. This causes your garage door to vibrate and shake excessively when it’s opening or closing. If your garage door seems like it’s going to jump off its track every time you operate it, it’s likely that your rollers need replacing. Have your garage door checked out by a repair technician.

Door is Frequently Out of Alignment

This is one of the easiest ways to tell that your garage door needs new rollers. The rollers help to keep the garage door aligned properly. It needs to stay in alignment in order to function correctly. If your garage door is frequently running off its hinges or slipping out of alignment, the rollers will need to be replaced.

Unusually Noisy

When your garage door becomes excessively noisy, it’s usually a sign that something has begun to go wrong. Unusually loud noise can indicate that your rollers have become rusted. It may also mean that your garage door system needs to be lubricated. You should have your garage door examined by a service technician. They will be able to determine if your rollers need to be replaced.

If your garage door is in need of repairs, don’t wait. Garage door problems can become unsafe if they’re not addressed. If you think your garage door needs new rollers or any other repairs, give us a call at Smokey’s Garage Door. Our expert technicians will be happy to assist you.

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You’ve recently added a garage door to your home. This feature makes it easier for you to access your garage and adds curb appeal to your property. You want to protect your investment, but now that the unit has been installed, what can you do to keep your garage door functioning well for years to come?

Here are tips you can use to keep your garage door in good working condition for its expected lifespan.

Use the garage door when necessary

The first component of your garage door that will need to be replaced are the springs. The springs are activated every time you open and close your garage door. This is known as a cycle. If you are constantly opening and closing your garage to gain access to the outdoors or to put things inside this exterior space, then you will wear your springs out more quickly.

Limit your garage door use to necessary opening and closing only, such as when you are using a vehicle to enter or leave your garage. This way, the springs will last longer and allow you to have a more reliable unit. Never leave your garage door halfway open; either leave it all the way up or all the way down when not in use.

Use your driveway responsibly

A runaway basketball, bicycle, or other outdoor toy played with in the driveway can hit your garage door and create dents or scratches. This is especially the case if you have an aluminum door.
Limit driveway use to parking and driving on only, and encourage children to play away from the garage, on the sidewalk, or in the front or back yards instead of using the driveway as a play area. This will help protect your garage against accidental damage.

Use a maintenance schedule

Your garage door installation specialist will give you a schedule for maintaining and inspecting your garage door. Follow this schedule so you keep your warranty in check and catch any potentially needed repairs before they become costly replacement expenses. In general, you should have your garage door inspected once a year.

For all your garage door needs, from repair to replacement, you can rely on the professionals at Smokey’s Garage Door; contact us today!

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A new garage door adds beauty and value to your home while protecting what’s inside your garage against weather damage and theft at the same time. When a garage door is installed professionally and given regular maintenance, you can expect your investment to last for many years.

There are several materials used in the construction of garage doors, but wood and steel are among the most popular for homeowners. Which material is best for your needs? Use this guide to help you.


If adding classic charm and beauty to your home’s exterior is your goal, then a wood garage door is a prime choice. Wood varieties commonly used in garage doors include redwood and cedar, both known for their moisture-resistant properties.

If you have a tight budget, plywood is a type of wood garage door to consider. Any wood door can be customized with ornate etchings, paint, window installation, or added insulation to meet your needs.


Durable and long-lasting, steel is a quality metal used in garage door construction. Steel can be powder-coated in a variety of colors for custom effect and can have windows and other features added as well.

Steel is known for its resistance to dents and scratches, so if you need a garage door that is both beautiful and strong, this is a material to consider.

If you want a metal door that resembles wood or other material, consider stamped steel designs. Your garage door specialist will show you several brands and styles of steel garage doors that fit your design needs and budget.

Your garage door specialist will show you how to take care of your garage door once installed so your unit looks newer, longer. To discuss your garage door options for your home, contact us at Smokey’s Garage Door today.

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Garage doors are built to last, and while they usually require little maintenance that doesn’t mean you should put off inspecting them until a serious problem presents itself. Over time, your door may begin showing early indications of a potentially serious malfunction. Spotting those signs before they snowball into a garage door repair emergency can keep you sane and your home repair budget intact. If you’re wondering what types of performance issues you should look out for, we’ve created a quick yet informative list below.

Excessive Noise

Garage doors aren’t known for being silent, but if your door’s usual noise level suddenly increases or it starts emitting unfamiliar sounds, there is definitely an issue that needs your attention. Hearing a grinding noise when you open and close your door can indicate a track malfunction, especially if the noise is paired with excessive vibrations. A loud buzzing can signal the gears in the garage door’s motor are worn or failing. Any sounds that weren’t previously present should not be ignored; otherwise, a simple repair can turn into a massive malfunction.

Erratic Movement

The sensors that ensure your garage does not close when a person or object walks or rolls underneath it are crucial to the door operating safely. If the motion of your garage door suddenly reverses or pauses for no apparent reason, faulty sensors are likely causing the random movements. Allowing the problem to persist is a safety hazard that could end with somebody getting seriously injured. Calling a garage door repair expert as soon as you notice the issue is highly recommended.

Doesn’t Open Right Away

If your garage door doesn’t budge the first time you try to open it, you’re dealing with an operation delay. This can occur for a number of reasons, and usually happens before the door stops responding completely. Fortunately, this symptom doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your garage door, it can actually indicate something as simple as a loose wire. Hiring a garage door specialist to examine your door when the delay first materializes will ensure it gets fixed before your garage door stops working altogether.

If you’re dealing with any of the malfunctions listed above, or another issue is plaguing your garage door, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Whether you are getting a new garage door for aesthetic purposes or because the old one is damaged, many people do not think too much on what happens to the old garage door. However, you may wonder, what does happen to your old garage door after it has been replaced?

During installation, your old garage door will be taken down by installation professionals so a new one can be installed. That old garage door is then loaded up and on its way, but to where?

For old wooden doors, for the most part, their journey will end up in a landfill. It is typically difficult to recycle old wooden garage doors because the wood has aged so much. However, metal garage doors will be taken to a scrap recycling yard. There, the steel will be repurposed into all sorts of projects. It may even end up in someone else’s new garage door again some day.

Regardless of where your old garage door ends up, the important thing to remember is if you have professional replacement installation, you don’t have to deal with it. Garage doors look manageable enough when they are above your head, but they are, in truth, very dangerous. This is what makes DIY installation so dangerous, especially if you aren’t familiar with the installation process. As professional installation services work in teams, the old garage door can be quickly taken down and the new one can be installed.

If you aren’t sure if your garage door is quite ready for replacement, then it probably isn’t. When a garage door needs to be replaced, as opposed to just getting a new door for looks alone, the signs will show. You may have to endure frequent breakdowns, which is generally the first sign that a garage door needs to be replaced.

A garage door can only be repaired so much before it can be repaired no longer. If you have an aging garage door, contact us today.

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If your garage door opener uses a chain drive, then it is probably like a lot of other garage doors. This opening system is one of the most popular options, but it can manifest a problem. Over time, the drive chain can loosen and create slack. Overall, this gives the opener less power to open and close the door. You may even see the chain hitting the door itself, creating one of the more annoying garage door noises.

However, if you have a loose chain, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make a service call. Homeowners may be able to tighten it up themselves. However, if you are uncomfortable doing so, calling a service technician is the best course of action.

To tighten the drive chain, start by closing your garage door, turning off the power, and pulling the emergency release rope. These steps are all done for the sake of safety, and should be considered necessary.

Once done, using your user manual for the opener, locate the adjustment bolt. This bolt will have nuts on either side of it and is tightened by loosening the nut closest to the opener and tightening the nut on the other side. As you do this, the chain should tighten. You want the chain tight, but not so much that it is inflexible.

This is typically where homeowners get a little unsure of themselves. If you tighten a chain too much, you run the risk of it breaking. Typically you will want to tighten the chain just enough so that it is no longer hitting the garage door. If it still sags slightly, this is fine. A little sag is better than being too tight as you definitely don’t want to put the chain at risk of breaking.

If you have a loose drive chain, but aren’t sure you want to risk tightening it yourself, contact us today. We can help get that chain back to normal as well as solve all your other garage door woes.

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When it comes time to perform maintenance on your garage door, such as replacing a storm damaged panel or a door that isn’t closing correctly, you may ask yourself if you should repair the existing doors or invest in a replacement. One of the deciding factors is cost. If the cost to repair the door is more than the cost to replace, then replacement will be necessary. However, there are other factors to consider when determining whether it is best to replace or repair the doors.

Door Functionality

When you open your garage door, is it extremely loud? Does the sound drown out the noise of the television? Is the door stuck open and refuses to close? Does the door close very slowly? After examining the extent of the problem, a decision can be made as to repair or replace. If the torsion springs are the culprit, then a repair may be the better option if the motor, doors and other parts of the system are in good working condition. If there are multiple issues causing problems with the door functionality, then a replacement may be necessary.

Cosmetic Issues

A particularly windy day can cause debris such as tree branches or garbage cans to hit the door and cause cosmetic damage. Garage doors also take a constant beating from the elements, which can cause chipped or faded paint. If the operation of the door is fine, then repairs may be the better option. If there are additional problems such as a dent in the door preventing it from closing, then a replacement is the better option.

Structural Damage

Over time, due to excessive heat or other weather issues, doors can become warped which can cause the system to work improperly. Warped doors do need to be replaced to ensure the system works properly once again. If your garage door is wood, this is a great opportunity to replace it with a galvanized steel door.

Whether you need repairs or are in the market for a replacement door system, Smokey’s Garage Door is here to fulfill all of your needs. Contact us today for an assessment on your current garage door system.