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A new garage door adds beauty and value to your home while protecting what’s inside your garage against weather damage and theft at the same time. When a garage door is installed professionally and given regular maintenance, you can expect your investment to last for many years.

There are several materials used in the construction of garage doors, but wood and steel are among the most popular for homeowners. Which material is best for your needs? Use this guide to help you.


If adding classic charm and beauty to your home’s exterior is your goal, then a wood garage door is a prime choice. Wood varieties commonly used in garage doors include redwood and cedar, both known for their moisture-resistant properties.

If you have a tight budget, plywood is a type of wood garage door to consider. Any wood door can be customized with ornate etchings, paint, window installation, or added insulation to meet your needs.


Durable and long-lasting, steel is a quality metal used in garage door construction. Steel can be powder-coated in a variety of colors for custom effect and can have windows and other features added as well.

Steel is known for its resistance to dents and scratches, so if you need a garage door that is both beautiful and strong, this is a material to consider.

If you want a metal door that resembles wood or other material, consider stamped steel designs. Your garage door specialist will show you several brands and styles of steel garage doors that fit your design needs and budget.

Your garage door specialist will show you how to take care of your garage door once installed so your unit looks newer, longer. To discuss your garage door options for your home, contact us at Smokey’s Garage Door today.

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Garage doors are built to last, and while they usually require little maintenance that doesn’t mean you should put off inspecting them until a serious problem presents itself. Over time, your door may begin showing early indications of a potentially serious malfunction. Spotting those signs before they snowball into a garage door repair emergency can keep you sane and your home repair budget intact. If you’re wondering what types of performance issues you should look out for, we’ve created a quick yet informative list below.

Excessive Noise

Garage doors aren’t known for being silent, but if your door’s usual noise level suddenly increases or it starts emitting unfamiliar sounds, there is definitely an issue that needs your attention. Hearing a grinding noise when you open and close your door can indicate a track malfunction, especially if the noise is paired with excessive vibrations. A loud buzzing can signal the gears in the garage door’s motor are worn or failing. Any sounds that weren’t previously present should not be ignored; otherwise, a simple repair can turn into a massive malfunction.

Erratic Movement

The sensors that ensure your garage does not close when a person or object walks or rolls underneath it are crucial to the door operating safely. If the motion of your garage door suddenly reverses or pauses for no apparent reason, faulty sensors are likely causing the random movements. Allowing the problem to persist is a safety hazard that could end with somebody getting seriously injured. Calling a garage door repair expert as soon as you notice the issue is highly recommended.

Doesn’t Open Right Away

If your garage door doesn’t budge the first time you try to open it, you’re dealing with an operation delay. This can occur for a number of reasons, and usually happens before the door stops responding completely. Fortunately, this symptom doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your garage door, it can actually indicate something as simple as a loose wire. Hiring a garage door specialist to examine your door when the delay first materializes will ensure it gets fixed before your garage door stops working altogether.

If you’re dealing with any of the malfunctions listed above, or another issue is plaguing your garage door, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Whether you are getting a new garage door for aesthetic purposes or because the old one is damaged, many people do not think too much on what happens to the old garage door. However, you may wonder, what does happen to your old garage door after it has been replaced?

During installation, your old garage door will be taken down by installation professionals so a new one can be installed. That old garage door is then loaded up and on its way, but to where?

For old wooden doors, for the most part, their journey will end up in a landfill. It is typically difficult to recycle old wooden garage doors because the wood has aged so much. However, metal garage doors will be taken to a scrap recycling yard. There, the steel will be repurposed into all sorts of projects. It may even end up in someone else’s new garage door again some day.

Regardless of where your old garage door ends up, the important thing to remember is if you have professional replacement installation, you don’t have to deal with it. Garage doors look manageable enough when they are above your head, but they are, in truth, very dangerous. This is what makes DIY installation so dangerous, especially if you aren’t familiar with the installation process. As professional installation services work in teams, the old garage door can be quickly taken down and the new one can be installed.

If you aren’t sure if your garage door is quite ready for replacement, then it probably isn’t. When a garage door needs to be replaced, as opposed to just getting a new door for looks alone, the signs will show. You may have to endure frequent breakdowns, which is generally the first sign that a garage door needs to be replaced.

A garage door can only be repaired so much before it can be repaired no longer. If you have an aging garage door, contact us today.

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If your garage door opener uses a chain drive, then it is probably like a lot of other garage doors. This opening system is one of the most popular options, but it can manifest a problem. Over time, the drive chain can loosen and create slack. Overall, this gives the opener less power to open and close the door. You may even see the chain hitting the door itself, creating one of the more annoying garage door noises.

However, if you have a loose chain, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make a service call. Homeowners may be able to tighten it up themselves. However, if you are uncomfortable doing so, calling a service technician is the best course of action.

To tighten the drive chain, start by closing your garage door, turning off the power, and pulling the emergency release rope. These steps are all done for the sake of safety, and should be considered necessary.

Once done, using your user manual for the opener, locate the adjustment bolt. This bolt will have nuts on either side of it and is tightened by loosening the nut closest to the opener and tightening the nut on the other side. As you do this, the chain should tighten. You want the chain tight, but not so much that it is inflexible.

This is typically where homeowners get a little unsure of themselves. If you tighten a chain too much, you run the risk of it breaking. Typically you will want to tighten the chain just enough so that it is no longer hitting the garage door. If it still sags slightly, this is fine. A little sag is better than being too tight as you definitely don’t want to put the chain at risk of breaking.

If you have a loose drive chain, but aren’t sure you want to risk tightening it yourself, contact us today. We can help get that chain back to normal as well as solve all your other garage door woes.

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When it comes time to perform maintenance on your garage door, such as replacing a storm damaged panel or a door that isn’t closing correctly, you may ask yourself if you should repair the existing doors or invest in a replacement. One of the deciding factors is cost. If the cost to repair the door is more than the cost to replace, then replacement will be necessary. However, there are other factors to consider when determining whether it is best to replace or repair the doors.

Door Functionality

When you open your garage door, is it extremely loud? Does the sound drown out the noise of the television? Is the door stuck open and refuses to close? Does the door close very slowly? After examining the extent of the problem, a decision can be made as to repair or replace. If the torsion springs are the culprit, then a repair may be the better option if the motor, doors and other parts of the system are in good working condition. If there are multiple issues causing problems with the door functionality, then a replacement may be necessary.

Cosmetic Issues

A particularly windy day can cause debris such as tree branches or garbage cans to hit the door and cause cosmetic damage. Garage doors also take a constant beating from the elements, which can cause chipped or faded paint. If the operation of the door is fine, then repairs may be the better option. If there are additional problems such as a dent in the door preventing it from closing, then a replacement is the better option.

Structural Damage

Over time, due to excessive heat or other weather issues, doors can become warped which can cause the system to work improperly. Warped doors do need to be replaced to ensure the system works properly once again. If your garage door is wood, this is a great opportunity to replace it with a galvanized steel door.

Whether you need repairs or are in the market for a replacement door system, Smokey’s Garage Door is here to fulfill all of your needs. Contact us today for an assessment on your current garage door system.

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It doesn’t matter if you live in the middle of a desert or on a snow-capped mountain; garage door insulation is important! Not only does it keep heat in, it retains cool air as well. Your garage door helps to maintain a comfortable temperature for everything in your garage as well as your home. However, as with any insulated space, there is the chance that adding windows can compromise insulation. Many of our clients ask us if the same concern is valid with garage doors.

It is true that if you choose a garage door with windows, there is potential for insulation loss. However, just like with choosing windows for your house, choosing windows on a garage door matters too. The benefit of choosing a garage door with windows is not only that it looks nice on the outside for curb appeal, but they also let a decent amount of natural light into otherwise dim garages. Furthermore, if you choose windows that can open, you can get good amounts of ventilation for projects like painting that require fumes to be released. For most, it’s ideal to be able to complete projects without opening up the garage door so the world can see what you are doing.

If you are shopping for a garage door, keep in mind the type of windows on the garage door as well. Single pane glass provides very poor insulation, and, in general, isn’t as sturdy as you would like. Real glass windows tend to look the best, but there are window options made from non-glass materials, though they can accrue scratches more easily. If you do decide to go with glass, always look for a door with sealed, double pane glass for the best insulation.

If you are looking for a new garage door, or simply want to repair the old one, contact us today. We can furnish you with not only garage doors, but all the information you need to make the best decision.

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When you’re ready to place your home on the market, you’ll want to be sure that the exterior is looking at its best. Most potential buyers gauge their interest in a house based solely on how it looks outside; with that being said, a big part of that first impression comes from your garage door! Not only will a new garage door make a good impression, it can also increase resale value. Keep reading for even more ways that upgrading your garage door adds value to your home.

Boost Curb Appeal

An attached garage can take up as much as one-third of your home’s façade. A new garage door gives your home a beautiful new appearance for a significantly lower cost than remodeling. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a garage door that will complement your home perfectly!

Improve Safety and Security

A new garage door can make your home safer, especially if your existing door is older. Modern garage doors are equipped with important safety features; and, on top of that, you can even add smart systems that allow you to monitor the garage door while you’re away.

Energy Efficient

An insulated garage door can help lower your utility costs in your entire home. Insulation keeps the cold air outside and helps to maintain the temperature in the garage. For the best insulation, choose a door with a high R-value; the potential energy savings make it a worthwhile investment!

High Return on Investment

If you want to increase your home’s resale value, a new garage door is one of the best investments you can make. Garage doors offer the highest return compared to other home improvement projects, with an ROI of over 98%.

With all of this being said, curb appeal is critical when you’re selling your home. When you’re ready to upgrade your garage door, please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom. When it comes to garage doors, we’re here to help keep your homes exterior looking at its best!

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So many homeowners focus on the ‘what if’ situation of the garage door spring breaking. While this should be a worry because it can be so dangerous, it is not the only worry. In fact, when it comes to the cabling that makes your garage door work, it can manifest into many more problems that will need to be solved.

Garage Door Cable Issues… There are a number of problems that can happen with the cabling, some more problematic than others. However, if you suspect a cable issue with your garage door, consider the following:

  • Incorrect Winding Around the Drum – When the cable is not correctly winding around the drum, it can end up jamming the garage door. Typically this will manifest in a garage door that droops down to one side.
  • Worn Cables – When a garage door’s cables begin to wear down, they become frayed and weak. Unfortunately for most homeowners, when they realize a cable is worn comes only after the cable has broken. However, a regular inspection can catch this before it happens.
  • Unwound Cables – Unfortunately if a cable has come unwound for any reason, they will need to be replaced. This is particularly true if you don’t know why it came unwound in the first place.
  • Worn Pulleys – Like worn cables, most people only realize a pulley is worn after something goes wrong. However, the pulley needs to be replaced as soon as it is spotted in order to prevent larger issues that come from the pulley breaking down.

With that all being said, garage door cable problems are often something that goes unnoticed until something serious happens. So, if you notice fraying or any signs of wear, contact us today. In order to prevent bigger problems that come from cable damage, those cables will need to be addressed as soon as possible. Let us help you keep your garage door working at its very best.

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Garage doors are common causes of accidents and injuries that occur with children. Keeping kids safe around garage doors requires educating them about how to act properly around a garage door and what they should never do near one. Here are some important things to teach your kids:

Don’t Open the Garage Door Yourself

Teach your younger kids never to open a garage door by themselves. It’s important that they know to ask an adult instead of giving in to their curiosity.

Don’t Touch the Garage Door Remote

Small children may like to play with garage doors by constantly opening and closing them, which can lead to injuries; to prevent this, be sure to keep the remote away from them at all times. Similarly, make sure that the button to open your garage door is installed high enough so that it is out of reach of small children. The same goes for the passcode to open the door from the outside; make sure that only kids who are old enough know the code. If you are worried about your kids not being able to get into your home, install a combination lock on your front door.

Keep your Fingers Out of Garage Door Parts

Make sure your kids understand that they should never put their fingers inside any parts of the garage door or any of its mechanisms. This is especially important when the garage door is opening and closing. Educate them about how doing so can cause injuries.

The Garage Door is Not a Toy

Young, curious kids may try to climb up your garage door or the tracks, or even ride on a garage door that is in motion. Kids may try to ride up a door for fun. Sometimes, they will try to jump up and hang from a door, leading to injuries caused by falls or by the garage door being pulled down. Warn your children that the garage door is not a toy and that it can cause injury if used improperly.

We hope that you’ve found this information to be helpful as you and your family’s safety is important to us. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you’d like to get your garage door and sensors checked.


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If your garage door is constantly breaking down, it may be more cost effective to get a new garage door installed instead of keeping the old one on life support. However, while installing a new garage door will come with a fair bit of cost, it might be better to think of it as a new opportunity. When getting a new garage door installed, not only does it provide you with an opportunity to choose a new style, but there are a lot of great additions that come with more modern garage doors to increase safety and functionality.

New Features That Can Come With a New Garage Door

  • Automatic Reversal Systems – Garage doors are dangerous, particularly very old ones that don’t have the same safety features. An automatic reverse system allows a garage door to detect when someone is underneath it so that it can reverse instead of continuing to close and potentially hurting someone.
  • Security Lights– Dark garages are a menace. However, newer garage doors come with security lights that come on when the door is opened or otherwise when movement is detected.
  • App AccessGarage door opener tech has stayed pretty standard, but now your new garage door can open remotely from an app on your smartphone. This can be useful particularly if you need to grant someone access when you are not home.
  • Keyless Entry– If garage door opening apps aren’t your style, you can still have access granted via a keyless entry on the exterior of the garage. Simply enter a code and access is granted.
  • Backup Battery– If the power goes off, for most garage doors, they can only be opened manually. However, with a battery backup system, they will still open even when everything else doesn’t.

Are you ready to get a new garage door installed to replace your old, outdated, or deteriorating garage door? Contact us today to see what we can do for you.