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A garage door that mysteriously opens by itself may not be that much of a mystery. It is likely a sign that a garage door repair is in your future. If your garage door is opening on its own, here are a few reasons why and what you can potentially do to resolve the issue.  

Check the Opener 

Even if your opener seems to be in good working order, you need to check it to ensure it is not malfunctioning. A dirty opener or one with failing batteries can cause the door to unexpectedly open. After cleaning the opener, make sure the batteries are fresh and correctly placed. Depending on your garage door opener type, you may have to reprogram it before using it.  

Inspect the Sensors 

Your garage door system likely includes sensors, which are designed to prevent the door from closing when something is in its way. The sensors can also force the door to stay open if they are misaligned. Check your sensors to ensure there is nothing blocking them and that they are properly aligned. If the issue continues after the inspection, it may be time for new sensors.  

Check Your Neighbors’ Homes 

Garage door openers communicate at different frequencies. In rare instances, neighbors’ doors may share the same frequency. If this happens, your door will likely open when they use their opener. A great way to resolve the issue is to clear your opener’s history and reprogram it to a different frequency. Check with your opener’s manufacturer for guidance on doing this. 

If none of these resolves the issue, it is time for a garage door repair. A skilled professional can inspect your garage door system, determine why the door is opening on its own, and provide the necessary maintenance that your door annually needs. Request your service appointment to get your garage door behaving properly.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement Best Practices

Garage door springs are an integral and often overlooked part of garage door mechanics. Just like any other part, they need to be replaced over time. It is important that when the time comes, you ensure that a few best practices are followed.

Two Types of Springs

The first step in replacing garage door springs is to identify the type of springs that you have. Luckily, it is easy to tell the two types apart.

Extension Springs

Extension springs alongside and parallel to the track. These springs stretch and contract as the door opens and closes, providing balance and stability.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are located in a metal shaft directly above the garage door. Unlike their extension spring counterpart, these rely on the torque produced by a drum at the end of the shaft which is attached to cables. These cause the spring to wind and unwind as the door operates.

Choose the Appropriate Springs

This isn’t a one size fits all type of situation. Garage door springs come in different sizes and weight capacities. They can also vary depending on the height of your garage door. Because the springs act as a balance, it needs to be accurate. If not, you will find yourself replacing broken springs again quickly.

Replace Both Springs

Anytime a spring breaks, it is always good practice to replace both springs. These parts typically have the same life-cycle. It will save you time, frustration, and potentially money to bite the bullet and replace them both.

Ask for an Inspection

After any garage door repair, it is a good idea to ask the company you are using to do a quick safety inspection. This will ensure that you won’t have any more surprise repairs in the near future.

We have good news. You no longer have to fret over garage door problems. Our experts are eager to put their experience to use. Contact us today for assistance with all of your garage door needs.

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In today’s DIY culture, you might be tempted to handle different repair tasks around your home by yourself for the glory of not hiring and paying a professional to do the job. After all, it’s far too easy to jump on YouTube, watch a quick tutorial, and make a run to your local Home Depot. A big ‘but’ comes with this do-it-yourself attempt on your garage door. Attempting to handle a garage door repair yourself might not only result in an expensive mistake, but it could also turn out to be a physically dangerous one. 

Garage doors are among the biggest reasons for home injuries that lead to hospitalization. Every year, around 30,000 injuries are due to garage door accidents according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Because cables and springs are under intense pressure, trying to repair them yourself could lead to a severe injury or even death. 

When it comes to any reason for needing garage door service, hiring a professional is always the smart way to go. Aside from that, professional garage door technicians know how to extend your garage door’s lifespan. You have the obvious safety factors behind hiring a professional garage door company to service your garage system, but there are several other reasons why it’s important to invest in an industry expert: 

1. Risk Making the Issue Worse

You can’t substitute qualified garage door repair training with a YouTube video. You might think you know what you’re doing and it’s as simple as following along with the video, but you can easily make a critical mistake that could result in a pricey problem that’s worse than what you originally had.


2. Home Security

Many individuals store valuables in their garage, such as expensive:

  • Cars
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Bicycles
  • Valuable Personal Items

If your garage door has a faulty security system, it becomes vulnerable to intruders. Routine inspections and maintenance could prevent issues with your garage door security system.


3. Value & Aesthetics

Normal wear and tear could damage the parts of your garage door silently without you even realizing it. A quality professional understands what to look for externally and internally to catch a small problem before it leads to a more substantial decline later. They can ensure your garage door is in good working condition which adds to your home’s overall property value and general curb-side aesthetic.


4. Routine Garage Door Service Means Longevity

Like with any other mechanical system, automatic garage doors aren’t any different. They require servicing and maintenance to keep them functioning. Your garage door won’t last very long if it has:

  • Unlubricated parts
  • Unaligned tracks
  • Malfunctioning safety sensors
  • Loose bolts

Your garage door springs have a lifespan of around 10,000 uses and they require continued lubrication. If you don’t properly maintain the springs, your door’s lifespan could be seriously decreased.


5. You Could Compromise your Garage Door

You may think you did a sufficient job repairing your garage door, but you could be wrong. For example, if your garage door “almost” closes all the way, it might look right, but this could create issues. If the door doesn’t close down to the weatherstripping, you risk wasting any insulation you have in the door resulting in higher cooling and heating costs since heat can escape or enter your home through the garage door.

For routine maintenance service, emergency repairs, or a free estimate on a new garage door or door opener, contact Smokey’s Garage Door today.

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You probably don’t give the mechanical system of your garage door a lot of thought day to day until your door no longer opens or closes at the touch of a button. When you consider how many times a week the technical parts of an opener operates, it will inevitably break down at some point. Avoid sudden and surprising system failures all together and watch out for these three signs which point to potential trouble.


  1. Incomplete Closing

If your garage door fails to shut completely, there are several possible causes. The simplest of reasons is that the sensors aren’t fully functional. Small things such as dust, grime, or cobwebs can block these sensors enough where they fail to respond. If cleaning the sensors doesn’t make any difference, it could be that the mechanism’s springs or cabling have stretched or weakened. Fixing these parts will probably need expert attention.


  • Slow Opening or Closing

If your door opens or closes a lot more slowly than it used to, then the springs could be losing their tension. Tightening them back up is a job for a professional, as even slackened springs contain a lot of pent-up energy and can be extremely dangerous. And while the engineer is checking the tension, they can see if replacement springs might be a better long-term solution.


  • Sudden Increase in Noise

Yes, older mechanisms are noticeably noisy, sending out clunking and whirring sounds whenever activated. Modern designs, however, should be almost silent, so if your garage door suddenly jumps in volume as it opens and closes, something is probably amiss. Maybe the system is overdue for oiling. An inspection will reveal if that is indeed the solution or if any parts are becoming so worn that they need replacing.

Faulty mechanical parts aren’t the only reason it may be wise to replace your garage door mechanism. If your installation is more than 10 years old, upgrading to a more modern design will yield many new benefits.

If you are experiencing any of the red flags above, contact Smokey’s Garage Door. We will evaluate your garage door system and discuss what course of action works best for you and your home.

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A garage door is one of those things where you can easily let regular maintenance slip through the cracks. You use it maybe twice per day, and ignore it the rest of the time; however, if you ignore your garage door for long enough, it will literally start to scream for your attention.

Your garage door, when opening and closing, will be rather loud. Having said that, the sound will be a pretty steady vibration or hum sound. If your garage door system starts squealing or screeching, this is not normal. These sounds are very disruptive and if you continue to ignore them, it can result in serious damage.

What Does It Mean If Your Garage Door is Squealing?

If your garage door screeches every time you open and close it, typically that means it needs some maintenance. When your garage door is screaming for attention, the following may need your attention:

Lack of Lubrication

One of the easiest potential fixes for a squealing garage door is to give it some lubrication. The moving parts of the garage door and the garage door opener need regular lubrication with lubricant designed for garage doors. You will notice the less lubricated it is, the louder it is.

Warped Rollers

The rollers are attached to the actual door and what rolls along the track. Over time, these wheels can wear down. They can become uneven, broken, or warped. This prevents the door from running smoothly on the track and often manifests in noise.

Out of Alignment

This is one of the biggest reasons for noise. Over time without maintenance, the moving parts of your garage door can naturally vibrate out of proper alignment. This creates a sort of metal-on-metal rubbing that creates the squealing noise. Unfortunately, the friction is also wearing on those rubbing parts. If you ignore it for too long, they will need to be replaced rather than just realigned.

Does your garage door need service? Contact Smokey’s Garage Door today for fast service and free estimates.

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Your garage door springs are one of those parts that you never think about until you need to. Unfortunately, as a crucial part in opening and closing your garage door, when the spring breaks, it demands your attention. As you wait for it to be replaced, you may wonder what caused it to break in the first place.

The Spring Was Just Old

This is the simplest explanation. Every spring has an average lifespan measured in cycles. One session of opening and then closing a door is a cycle. It doesn’t mean when the spring reaches this life expectancy that it will just break, but rather you should be considering a replacement by then. However, no one really tracks these cycles.

Lack of Maintenance

It is recommended to have maintenance done on your garage door opening system once per year. This ensures everything is cleaned and lubricated properly. These appointments are also a chance for a technician to look at the spring. Rusting or physical damage are early signs that the spring is going to break.

The Spring Was Improperly Installed

It is crucial that you leave garage door spring replacement to a professional. When a garage door spring breaks, it can do so with enough force to easily injure someone. Furthermore, a spring improperly replaced is a hazard and an accident waiting to happen.

The Coil Has Gaps

On extension type springs, often your spring may not break so much as it may fail. The springs extend out, and over time gaps may appear. The gaps get larger and the size between different gaps becomes more inconsistent. Eventually the spring may become so stretched out that it will no longer be able perform its function of lifting the garage door to open it.

Contact Smokey’s Garage Door today to schedule maintenance for your garage door.

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Are you in the process of looking for a new garage door for your home? Insulated garage doors offer a wide range of benefits that will improve the functions of your home. Keep reading to learn four reasons you should make an insulated garage door your next purchase.

  1. Durability

Insulated garage doors are more durable than uninsulated garage doors. Most insulated garage doors are made with thick layers of steel and aluminum frames that can withstand a lot of damage caused by scratches, dents, projectiles, or bad weather. Physical damage to your garage door could cause malfunction or lower your home’s value, but insulated garage doors are built to last as they are better at resisting physical damage and extreme heat that can also affect your garage door and shorten its lifespan.

  1. Efficiency

Overall, insulated garage doors are much more efficient than uninsulated garage doors. The insulation in your garage door will keep your home cooler during the summer and a lot warmer during the winter by blocking and preventing the heat or cold from entering your home. This will make everyone in your home more comfortable, and it will make getting in and out of your car more convenient on extremely hot or cold days. This is especially important if you use your garage for work or business purposes.

  1. Peace of Mind

Noisy garage doors can be a nuisance if they are close to your living space. Insulated garage doors are quieter than uninsulated garage doors because they are more tightly constructed and don’t rattle as much. They are also much heavier than uninsulated garage doors, which means they are less likely to jolt or make noise from being jerked or poorly lubricated.

  1. Lower Energy Costs

Insulated garage doors can save you a lot of money on energy costs by preventing extremely cold or hot weather from entering your garage and transferring to rooms nearby. For example, adding insulation to your garage door in the winter can keep the inside of your garage up to 20-30 degrees warmer than an uninsulated garage door. This means your heater will not have to work as hard to keep rooms nearby warm, and your energy bills will thank you for it!

Need insulated garage doors for your home? Contact Smokey’s Garage Door today for fast service and free estimates.

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If you have an older home, your garage door is likely older, as well. If you are looking to replace it, garage doors have changed a lot over the years! These days you have more choices in material, openers, and technology than ever before. This means you can get the perfect garage door for your home’s aesthetic needs and it can come with the technology to make your life a little easier. If you are in the market for a new garage door, here are some potential upgrades to look into.

Smart Openers

Long gone are the days of turning around because you forgot to hit the button on your garage door opener before you left the neighborhood. Now, you can open and close your garage door from your phone. You can even get notifications when your garage door opens and closes so you’re in the know when you aren’t home.

Carriage Style Doors

Most homeowners are accustomed to garage doors that roll up and down. However, if your garage isn’t flush with overhead space or you want to reclaim the ceiling, you can look into carriage style doors. Carriage style garage doors open out instead of rolling up, similar to an automatic gate.


Although not necessarily a technology upgrade, garage door insulation has never been better. Even if you don’t intend on turning your garage into a living space, garage door insulation can improve your energy bills by providing a buffer between the outdoors and your actual living space. Today’s garage door insulation options are lightweight and are no longer an arm and a leg to install.

Battery Backup

One of the nicest new features is the ability to have battery backup for your opener. This way, when the power goes off, you don’t have to manually open your garage door to get your car out. Now the battery backup can keep things running smoothly until the power comes back.

Please contact Smokey’s Garage Door if you have any questions about upgrading your garage door.


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As with any home issue, the faster you catch a garage door problem, the less expensive it will be to repair. If you manage to catch problems when they are still small, they will be much faster to repair by a trained technician. If you are on the lookout for potential issues, there are a few easy checks you can do each month to be able to spot problems early.


Something you always want to catch early is corrosive rust. You will not only want to watch out for it on the door, if you have a metal door, but also on the mechanical components. Rusting or fraying cables can be a major problem as well as areas of heavy rust on the tracks.

Door Balance

You should test the door balance system by disconnecting it from the automatic system. When you open the door manually, it should be heavy, but otherwise should open smoothly. When in the half open position, it should also stay in that position. If it does not, you will want to call a technician.


Do you see gaps under the bottom of the door when it is closed, or worse, in the panels of the door? Certainly this could mean that the garage floor is uneven, but if the gaps weren’t there last month, then it is an indicator of a garage door problem.

Safety Features

You should always be aware if the safety features on your garage door are working properly. This means testing the automatic reverse and the force setting. With both tests, the door should reverse back up instead of continuing to close. If it doesn’t, you have a huge safety hazard on your hand.

Has your garage door failed any of these important checks? Then you will want to call a garage door repair company. If your garage door is having problems, contact us today to see what Smokey’s Garage Door can do to help.

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So you’ve decided to replace your garage door! Maybe it’s because you’re having too many problems with your current garage door, or it might be that you’ve decided it would be best to have another garage door installed that’s easier to use. No matter the reason, there’s a wide variety of brands and styles to choose from.

Things To Consider

When selecting a new garage door for your home, it’s important to consider your budget and the reasons why you’ve decided it’s time for a garage door replacement.  It’s important to find a company that’s reputable and has many years of experience. A company that has a wide range of garage door brands and related products will also serve to your advantage.

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration while you’re in the process of replacing your garage door, such as the material of your new door. These days you can choose from: steel, aluminum, wood and faux wood. There is also the style and some other factors to consider. For example: do you want a door with a remote opener, or one that you open yourself? Is an overhead garage door what you had in mind?

The Right Company

Finding the right company will be of significant help as you go through this process. You’ll be shown many different styles and variations of garage doors, which will help you to get what you need while staying within budget. Also, an experienced company will be able to offer expert advice and can professionally install the door for you!

Down The Road

Take time to listen to the experts and evaluate your needs now. After you’ve selected the best garage door for your specific needs and after it’s been installed, you’ll expect to use it for many years. Was the new garage door that you purchased an insulated model that’s energy-efficient? Does the color scheme and style match with the rest of your home? Was it installed properly and is it under warranty?

Please contact Smokey’s Garage Door if you have any questions about garage door replacement.