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You’ve selected a steel garage door for your home. Now what? What else is there to do for it to have a more unique look?

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Modern Design with Glass Additions

For a home with a contemporary or mid-century design, it’s best to get a modern steel door with various texture options to match it. Pair your brick walls with recessed panels for a dramatic effect. If your exterior is white, it will work perfectly well with charcoal undertones. 

Add glass to complete the modern design. It can be in the form of small plank, tinted, or frosted windows on one side or at the top to make your steel door more appealing.

 2. Make It A Statement

Whatever statement you want your steel door to pass across- it’s doable. Think about these options…

  • Horizontal Patterns: We read horizontally, so our eyes will naturally follow the flow of a horizontal pattern. This provides far more interesting than a traditional garage door.
  • Vertical Lines: Vertical lines give the eyes something to zoom in on as it creates the appearance of depth, dimension, and even texture.
  • Cross Beams: That barn door look is coming back in-styles for more than just a country feel.

3. Conventional Designs Are Possible

If you love a laidback look, opt for a rustic, carriage house, or barn design. To achieve this farmhouse appearance, a steel cladding or a rustic overlay panel consisting of 24 gauge steel is cut from a solid sheet. It is treated and can then be applied to your new or existing garage door. Similarly, a three-layered steel sheet containing steel-insulation steel can be transformed into a ranch-style, carriage, or barn house garage door.

4. Color Me Custom

To achieve an elegant, timeless, or sophisticated look, expand your thinking when it selecting the color. You may consider painting it in two or three colors. Let one color be for the main part of the door, while the other two colors are assigned to the recessed panels. 

Before selecting this tri-color scheme, make sure they blend in or properly complement the rest of the house or building. 

Besides painting colors, work with a design expert who will help you recreate that actual steel garage door you envision.

It’s the Smokey Way

Whether you stop by our showroom or give us a call, you’ll speak with an experienced garage door technician. Our team will answer your questions about what you can do with a steel garage door and show you what’s available in the market today.