A new garage door adds beauty and value to your home while protecting what’s inside your garage against weather damage and theft at the same time. When a garage door is installed professionally and given regular maintenance, you can expect your investment to last for many years.

There are several materials used in the construction of garage doors, but wood and steel are among the most popular for homeowners. Which material is best for your needs? Use this guide to help you.


If adding classic charm and beauty to your home’s exterior is your goal, then a wood garage door is a prime choice. Wood varieties commonly used in garage doors include redwood and cedar, both known for their moisture-resistant properties.

If you have a tight budget, plywood is a type of wood garage door to consider. Any wood door can be customized with ornate etchings, paint, window installation, or added insulation to meet your needs.


Durable and long-lasting, steel is a quality metal used in garage door construction. Steel can be powder-coated in a variety of colors for custom effect and can have windows and other features added as well.

Steel is known for its resistance to dents and scratches, so if you need a garage door that is both beautiful and strong, this is a material to consider.

If you want a metal door that resembles wood or other material, consider stamped steel designs. Your garage door specialist will show you several brands and styles of steel garage doors that fit your design needs and budget.

Your garage door specialist will show you how to take care of your garage door once installed so your unit looks newer, longer. To discuss your garage door options for your home, contact us at Smokey’s Garage Door today.

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