A garage is more than just a place to store your car and lawnmower. For many, it is a primary entrance into their home, one they use every day. However, it is only when your garage door breaks down do you realize just how much you relied on it in the first place.

If you need garage door repair or installation, you should look for these things in a trustworthy garage door service:


You won’t want a garage door technician that doesn’t go over everything they are doing and explains to you why they are doing it. You may not be a garage door technician, but as the homeowner, you have every right to know what they are doing. In most cases, asking questions just makes you feel better knowing that they know how to fix something.


Garage doors are surprisingly complex, but the longer you do something, the more you understand all the intricacies. Typically, in any industry, it is a good sign if the company advertises how long they have been in business. That way, you’ll know that a lot of practical knowledge has been passed on.


A good technician should be confident in standing by their work, and not throw in the towel until the job is done right. You want to look for a company that offers certain guarantees such as follow up service if the repair doesn’t function correctly or something goes wrong. Ideally, a technician will fix all problems they spot and not just the one you called them out for.


If you are in the Phoenix area and need your garage door repaired or replaced by a company you can trust, contact us today. Our customers get guarantees, experience, and transparency from all of your technicians at Smokey’s Garage Door repair. Let us help your garage door to get rolling again!

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