There are a number of problems a garage door can manifest over the years. However, while the fixes for some may be easy to figure out, a sagging garage door can be more complicated to resolve, especially on your own. However, warped rails or a bowing garage door is one thing and typically caused by uncomplicated issues, but what about when your garage door starts to progressively sag to one side, what then?

When a garage door starts to sag to one side instead of at the center, it is usually not from warping that can happen over time. Instead, there are two problem areas to investigate.

The first is the hinges on the door itself. Over time, the hinges on one side of the door can start to loosen. When that happens, the side with the loose hinges will start to sag. You may even notice gaps in the panels if things get bad enough.

However, if you investigate all the hinges and find things still tight, the second suspect should be the pulley on that side. Over time, the pulley can become out of alignment which means there is too much slack on one side, and thus that side will begin to lower faster than the other, giving it that sagging appearance.

While tightening the hinges is something that you can easily do yourself, readjusting the pulleys is something that is best left to a professional. While not difficult to do, adjusting them so that the garage door is even again is something best left to a seasoned hand. If you garage door is sagging or manifesting any other problems that need fixed, contact us today. Let Smokey’s Garage Door come fix it right the first time so you can get back to having a safe and beautiful garage door on the face of your house.

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