Whether you are getting a new garage door for aesthetic purposes or because the old one is damaged, many people do not think too much on what happens to the old garage door. However, you may wonder, what does happen to your old garage door after it has been replaced?

During installation, your old garage door will be taken down by installation professionals so a new one can be installed. That old garage door is then loaded up and on its way, but to where?

For old wooden doors, for the most part, their journey will end up in a landfill. It is typically difficult to recycle old wooden garage doors because the wood has aged so much. However, metal garage doors will be taken to a scrap recycling yard. There, the steel will be repurposed into all sorts of projects. It may even end up in someone else’s new garage door again some day.

Regardless of where your old garage door ends up, the important thing to remember is if you have professional replacement installation, you don’t have to deal with it. Garage doors look manageable enough when they are above your head, but they are, in truth, very dangerous. This is what makes DIY installation so dangerous, especially if you aren’t familiar with the installation process. As professional installation services work in teams, the old garage door can be quickly taken down and the new one can be installed.

If you aren’t sure if your garage door is quite ready for replacement, then it probably isn’t. When a garage door needs to be replaced, as opposed to just getting a new door for looks alone, the signs will show. You may have to endure frequent breakdowns, which is generally the first sign that a garage door needs to be replaced.

A garage door can only be repaired so much before it can be repaired no longer. If you have an aging garage door, contact us today.

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