In your home, you may have a functional garage door that protects your storage and vehicles from the elements. Whether you like to spend time in your garage, or not, it is important to take some points into consideration; your garage is a major appendage (not to mention entry!) of your home. Who knows, in the process of making updates to your garage, you may want to spend more time in it!

If you know that you want to be using your garage regularly, you should get professional garage door replacement so that you can start adding things that encourage you to spend time in the space.

Improved Lighting

When you replace a garage door, you will have an opportunity to choose the style and design. If your current garage door does not have any windows, you may not get any light inside. You may rely on artificial lighting throughout the garage to get the light that you need. The new garage door can come with several windows so that you receive natural light for most of the day.

Better Insulation

Although the entire garage may need to be remodeled to improve the overall installation, you can make a substantial impact by upgrading the garage door. You can speak with garage door experts to pick one that you know will have a noticeable impact on the insulation quality. When you do not have to rely on a portable heater or air conditioner, you can use the garage freely.

An insulated garage is energy efficient since it will keep cold and warm air from escaping your home. It will also help to eliminate drafts.

Extra Security

An important quality to consider when you get a new garage door is the level of security. If you are going to be spending more time in the space, you will likely have more valuables inside. A sturdy garage door is helpful because it makes it harder to damage and break into the garage. A sturdy lock that makes your garage door virtually impenetrable is a game-changer. Having said that, we suggest you try LiftMaster’s most advanced wall-mount opener and automatic lock system. The 8500W wall-mount opener will not only provide you with more ceiling space, but when paired with the automatic lock system, you can also have peace of mind knowing your garage is fully equipped for safety at all times, thus making it a great return on investment for your home.

Actually, upgrading your garage door(s) is the #1 project when it comes to return on investment.  In a new 2018 Cost vs. Value Report, a high-class garage door replacement has achieved chief standing among positions of all 21 midrange and upscale remodeling projects that were studied. In this new study, the estimated $3,470 cost for a high-class garage door replacement provided a projected “value at home resale” of $3,411, which equates to a 98.3% in return on investment. So, in other words, this significant 98% return means that an upscale garage essentially pays for itself.

Those who have used the LiftMaster 8550W Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener and Automatic Garage Door Lock have proved to be confident in their decision to purchase this product.

All LiftMaster Openers, Operators, and Systems must be purchased through a dealer and then skillfully installed by a garage door professional. Given that, we encourage you to call Smokey’s Garage Door as we are proud to say that we are the largest dealer of the LiftMaster 8550WL.

If you have any questions about our garage door services, contact us today.

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