When it comes time to perform maintenance on your garage door, such as replacing a storm damaged panel or a door that isn’t closing correctly, you may ask yourself if you should repair the existing doors or invest in a replacement. One of the deciding factors is cost. If the cost to repair the door is more than the cost to replace, then replacement will be necessary. However, there are other factors to consider when determining whether it is best to replace or repair the doors.

Door Functionality

When you open your garage door, is it extremely loud? Does the sound drown out the noise of the television? Is the door stuck open and refuses to close? Does the door close very slowly? After examining the extent of the problem, a decision can be made as to repair or replace. If the torsion springs are the culprit, then a repair may be the better option if the motor, doors and other parts of the system are in good working condition. If there are multiple issues causing problems with the door functionality, then a replacement may be necessary.

Cosmetic Issues

A particularly windy day can cause debris such as tree branches or garbage cans to hit the door and cause cosmetic damage. Garage doors also take a constant beating from the elements, which can cause chipped or faded paint. If the operation of the door is fine, then repairs may be the better option. If there are additional problems such as a dent in the door preventing it from closing, then a replacement is the better option.

Structural Damage

Over time, due to excessive heat or other weather issues, doors can become warped which can cause the system to work improperly. Warped doors do need to be replaced to ensure the system works properly once again. If your garage door is wood, this is a great opportunity to replace it with a galvanized steel door.

Whether you need repairs or are in the market for a replacement door system, Smokey’s Garage Door is here to fulfill all of your needs. Contact us today for an assessment on your current garage door system.

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