Your garage door’s springs play a vital role in your garage door’s operation by supporting the weight of the door as it opens and closes. However, over time, wear and tear can cause the springs to wear out, and eventually, they may fail.

When garage door springs fail, it poses a serious hazard, as the springs could injure someone as they come undone. It is then important that you are aware of the signs which can indicate that your garage door’s springs are aging so that you can have them replaced before they fail. Here are a few of the signs that you can look out for indicating that your garage door’s springs need to be replaced.

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open Right
A clear sign that something is wrong with your springs is if your garage door does not open properly. If your springs are beginning to fail, your garage door may only open partway and then stop as a safety measure. Alternatively, if one spring is beginning to fail, or has already failed, one side of your garage door may lift quicker than the other as your springs struggle to raise the door. Either of these signs indicates a problem with your garage door, and you will want to have it repaired immediately.

Your Garage Door Closes Quicker Than Normal
If your garage door’s springs are wearing out, they may also have a hard time supporting the weight of your garage door as it is closing. You should then pay attention to the speed at which your garage door comes down. If your garage door closes faster than normal, your garage springs likely need to be replaced. You should not ignore this obvious sign of trouble, as it could become a safety hazard if your springs let go suddenly.

You Hear a Loud Bang
You should also check your garage door’s springs if you hear a loud bang come from your garage. When garage door springs break, this releases a lot of energy that can create a loud banging sound. This noise can be loud enough to make people believe that something has collided with their house. Hearing such a sound coming from your garage is likely an indicator that one or more of your springs has broken and will need to be replaced.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you will know when it is time to have your garage door’s springs replaced.

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