Nowadays, it’s rare to manually open and close your garage door; instead, openers do the work for us. This is certainly convenient—until your opener starts giving you issues. These systems can experience problems every now and then, and while it may seem like a situation you can overlook or deal with, there are actually some dangers associated with neglecting garage door repairs. These include:


The primary danger of ignoring garage door repairs is the risk of injury. If you manually open and close your door in the meantime, you risk injuries such as pinched and crushed fingers, or having the door fall on you or a family member.


According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electrical malfunctions are the leading cause of garage fires. If your garage door opener has faulty wiring, this is a fire hazard and should promptly be addressed.


If your garage door opener system is down, this leaves your garage exposed to potential burglars that can easily lift your door up and access your car and home. While you wait for professionals to come make repairs, lock your car as well as any doors entering into your house.

You can avoid all of these dangers by reaching out to a reputable company for prompt garage door repairs. Smokey’s Garage Door is the leading provider of garage door installation and repair in the Phoenix, AZ, metro area, so you can count on our trained and certified technicians to provide the services you need. Contact us when you find yourself in need of garage door repairs.

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