If your garage door opener has stopped working correctly, you’ll need to fix or replace it. A basic repair might save time and cost less, but replacement could add new features. Be sure to consider these factors:


If you buy a new machine, it might help secure your garage more thoroughly. Burglars find it more difficult to hack into modern equipment using “code grabbers” or multiple remotes.


Some remote controls cost over $454 to replace. You’ll probably receive two of them when you install a new opener. If you fix the existing system, you’ll have to keep using the same controls. This gives you an incentive to choose replacement if your remotes are wearing out.


Your old opener may only allow you to operate it with wall-mounted buttons and/or short-range remotes. A new model could enable you to use controls in your car, a cellphone or a separate long-range remote.


Another advantage of replacement is that a modern unit will probably offer more safety features. After 1992, all new openers began using sensors to identify obstructions and prevent damage or injury.


Some of the latest models have brighter, more efficient lights. Motion-activated lighting is available as well. If you replace your existing opener with one of these machines, it will improve safety, security and convenience.


Replacement gives you the option to purchase a model with a backup battery. This prevents the system from failing in power outages. However, you might be able to add this feature or replace a worn-out backup battery when a technician fixes an existing opener.

If any of these upgrades appeal to you, consider buying a new model. On the other hand, repair may be preferable when your equipment remains under warranty or you already have the above-mentioned features. Please contact us for professional service or installation.

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