While a new garage door can enhance the security and value of your, replacing it won’t be cheap. The costs will vary depending on door type, style, and whether you’ll like to replace or repair its components as well. Let’s look at how all these will impact the cost of garage door replacement.

Garage door types and styles

When replacing a door, you have a variety of door types and styles to choose from, including swing-up doors, swing-out, roll-up, and sliding doors. All these have different designs, components, and operating mechanisms, so each has a different price tag too.

Garage door material

There’s a direct correlation between garage door material and the cost of replacement. Doors with single-layers are less durable, therefore are cheaper to install than doors with multiple layers, which are sturdier and well-insulated.

Garage door supplies

If you’re just going to replace the door panel only, you’ll spend far less than someone who’s replacing the doorway, springs, rollers, cables, seals, or reframing the exterior. Every other component that you intend to replace in your garage door will cost you money, so be sure to budget for it.

Garage door labor

Your new garage door and parts won’t install themselves with the snap of a finger. The experts at Smokey’s Garage Door will remove your old garage door and door parts and replace them with the new garage door and components. In short, you can hire us to do the area preparation, replacement, and cleanup.

In case you have an old garage door that’s not serving you properly, contact us and we’ll give you a free and fair estimate of the cost of replacing it.

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