While it is not something homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona typically think about very often, a broken garage door spring should be one of your biggest worries. This not only means your garage door will no longer work, but springs can break with such a force that it can cause serious injury to people and damage to vehicles, or anything in your garage really. Having that said, there are ways to tell if your garage door spring is going bad and you can plan to replace it before a break does happen.

While garage door springs are separated into torsion and extension spring types, testing to see if the garage door spring is going bad is basically the same. There are two methods of doing so.

First you will want to disconnect your automatic garage door opener and raise your garage door manually. Once it has reached the top, your garage door should stay put without you having to hold it up. If it falls (even just a little bit!), it is a sign your springs are reaching the end of their lifespan.

The second method is to raise the door halfway after disconnecting the automatic opener. The door should stay put and be reasonable to lift. If the door is too light, your springs may be improperly sized for your door. If the door is too heavy, your springs are likely going out. Similarly, if the door falls, your springs are going bad.

When it comes to extension springs, there are extra signs your spring is going bad. For example, if you see gaps in the spring coil, your spring is probably very close to going out. Furthermore, if your door sags to one side, your spring might not be functioning properly, but this can be caused by other issues as well.

If you have done the tests and find that your garage door springs are going bad, contact us today! Replacing garage door springs is not a “Do-It-Yourself” job, and attempting it without professional knowledge could result in serious injury. The team here at Smokey’s Garage Door is here to help keep you safe.

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