Electronic garage doors are something most people take for granted – that is, until they stop working. When the power goes out or a door quits functioning, many are left wondering what to do. You don’t have to stop using your garage just because your electronic door is temporarily inoperable. Open and close your door manually by following these steps…

#1. Begin in the Down Position

Before operating your door manually, ensure that it is in the “down” position. That’s because the full weight of your door is supported by its torsion spring. Please note: If the spring is broken, the entire door could come crashing down! If your door is stuck in the open position, wait for the power to come back on or call us to make repairs.

#2. Pull the Emergency Release Lever

Your door should be equipped with an emergency release lever. This lever normally consists of a red rope with a t-handle and is attached to the door’s trolley. The trolley is the part of your garage door that is directly connected to the rail. Pulling the emergency lever detaches the trolley from its attachment point, allowing you to manually move your garage door up and down.

#3. Re-engaging the Door

Now that you have disengaged the trolley from the rail, you will only be able to operate your door manually. To automatically open and close your door again, you will need to re-engage the trolley. Do this by pushing upward on the release lever until you hear a slight click. If you are having trouble reaching the lever, you can use a broom handle or similar object to help you access it.

You may also need to reset your garage door opener. To do so, unplug it, wait around 30 seconds or so, then plug it back in.

Opening from the Outside

The above steps will allow you to manually open your garage door from the inside only. Should you find yourself locked out, you will need to enter through another door in order to access the emergency release lever.

As an alternative, you may also have an emergency release kit installed. An emergency release kit contains a locking mechanism that you can open with a key and then manually operate your door.

Ensuring Constant, Safe Operation

Keep your garage secure by having us install an emergency release kit before you experience a power outage. Check the manual operation of your garage door at least twice each year, and then contact us if you experience any problems.

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