It’s not uncommon for burglars to use garage doors, especially when they provide access to an entire home. Fortunately, you can take action to make them more secure. To evaluate their security, answer these quick questions:

1. Does the interior have metal latches that work correctly? At a minimum, your garage should have this basic security equipment. You can only engage and disengage these latches from within the building.

2. Do you have a built-in keyed lock or a padlock that fits the door? It’s best if a thief can’t easily open the door after gaining entry through a window or other entrance. Otherwise, criminals could quickly steal a vehicle or lawn equipment.

3. If you have an automatic opener, does it use a rolling code system? This technology makes it much harder for intruders to use radio devices that trick the equipment into opening for them.

4. Is your door integrated with a security alarm? Like any entrance, you can set it up to trigger an alarm when someone opens it without authorization. For even greater protection, you could also install a surveillance camera.

5. Does it have any windows? Unfortunately, they’re less difficult to shatter than solid wood or metal. Clear glass lets criminals see inside the building as well; consider applying an opaque window film.

6. Are there missing panels or panes of glass? Do large gaps make it possible to reach inside? Such openings often benefit thieves who carry the right tools. It’s wise to repair or seal them if possible.

To sum it up, a secure garage door has a sophisticated opener, manual locks and opaque, sturdy materials. It significantly reduces the risk of a burglary. Please contact us today if you’d like to enhance security by scheduling professional repairs and/or necessary upgrades.

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