If you have an older home, your garage door is likely older, as well. If you are looking to replace it, garage doors have changed a lot over the years! These days you have more choices in material, openers, and technology than ever before. This means you can get the perfect garage door for your home’s aesthetic needs and it can come with the technology to make your life a little easier. If you are in the market for a new garage door, here are some potential upgrades to look into.


Long gone are the days of turning around because you forgot to hit the button on your garage door opener before you left the neighborhood. Now, you can open and close your garage door from your phone. You can even get notifications when your garage door opens and closes so you’re in the know when you aren’t home.


Most homeowners are accustomed to garage doors that roll up and down. However, if your garage isn’t flush with overhead space or you want to reclaim the ceiling, you can look into carriage style doors. Carriage style garage doors open out instead of rolling up, similar to an automatic gate.


Although not necessarily a technology upgrade, garage door insulation has never been better. Even if you don’t intend on turning your garage into a living space, garage door insulation can improve your energy bills by providing a buffer between the outdoors and your actual living space. Today’s garage door insulation options are lightweight and are no longer an arm and a leg to install.


One of the nicest new features is the ability to have battery backup for your opener. This way, when the power goes off, you don’t have to manually open your garage door to get your car out. Now the battery backup can keep things running smoothly until the power comes back.

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