Having issues with your garage door but want to avoid investing in a new garage door installation? Sometimes, a new door panel is all you need. Here are some tips of what to you should know about garage door panel replacement.

Signs You Need a New Garage Panel

While some people may need a whole new garage door, others can get by with just a garage door panel, which saves money and time. Here are a few ways you can tell if you need a new garage door panel and a little bit more about the material choices and how each one performs.

A large dent is one thing that may require a new garage panel.

Garage panels are typically made with material that is strong and sturdy, like with anything though, there are problems that can occur. For instance, garage door panels made out of wood can weaken, due to age or being exposed to the elements, and the wood may start to rot.

Metal is another material used in making garage panels but even this material becomes less strong over time and it can rust too.

Aluminum is yet another material used and removing a dent from an aluminum panel is something that traditionally requires the help of a professional.

You Have a Choice in Designs

The great thing about replacing your garage door panel is that you do not have to go with one particular style or look because there are plenty of options that will enhance the look of your garage.

If you do happen to need a new garage door panel, you do have choices in the design. Stock, semi-custom, and custom doors are all choices that are available. Keep in mind that stock is going to be the lowest in cost, semi-custom will be in the mid-range of price, and custom doors will be the most expensive but is customized to your specifications and will better reflect your own aesthetic.

The stock garage door panels are available in a variety of designs and you can even get them with or without glass.

You might choose a wooden door that has options you like. These are ready to be painted and those that are for a two car garage is typically made of pressed wood or Masonite. The good thing about being able to paint the door is that you can match it to your existing paint colors; and as mentioned, the wood garage door panels will be less expensive.

Price Considerations

There are considerations in price when choosing a new garage door panel. Which style and material you pick is what will determine the price. For instance, if you were to choose a steel door, you are obviously going to pay more than you would for a wood door. One style that gives you a lot of options is the semi-custom door since it provides you with a variety of designs and panel styles at a lower price than if you were to choose a custom door.

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