So many homeowners focus on the ‘what if’ situation of the garage door spring breaking. While this should be a worry because it can be so dangerous, it is not the only worry. In fact, when it comes to the cabling that makes your garage door work, it can manifest into many more problems that will need to be solved.

Garage Door Cable Issues… There are a number of problems that can happen with the cabling, some more problematic than others. However, if you suspect a cable issue with your garage door, consider the following:

  • Incorrect Winding Around the Drum – When the cable is not correctly winding around the drum, it can end up jamming the garage door. Typically this will manifest in a garage door that droops down to one side.
  • Worn Cables – When a garage door’s cables begin to wear down, they become frayed and weak. Unfortunately for most homeowners, when they realize a cable is worn comes only after the cable has broken. However, a regular inspection can catch this before it happens.
  • Unwound Cables – Unfortunately if a cable has come unwound for any reason, they will need to be replaced. This is particularly true if you don’t know why it came unwound in the first place.
  • Worn Pulleys – Like worn cables, most people only realize a pulley is worn after something goes wrong. However, the pulley needs to be replaced as soon as it is spotted in order to prevent larger issues that come from the pulley breaking down.

With that all being said, garage door cable problems are often something that goes unnoticed until something serious happens. So, if you notice fraying or any signs of wear, contact us today. In order to prevent bigger problems that come from cable damage, those cables will need to be addressed as soon as possible. Let us help you keep your garage door working at its very best.

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