The DIY train is awesome, and many learn how to do all sorts of things from How-To and YouTube. Think you can do garage door repair by yourself? Proceed with extreme caution. Garage Door Repair is another beast entirely.

Very Real Danger

From faulty springs to hand crushing, garage doors are notorious for causing tens of thousands of serious accidents per year. These accidents happen just from touching garage doors or being near ones that need repairing. When you try to repair a garage door by yourself, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Online “How-Tos” Can Not Replace Expert Knowledge

One misunderstanding of a how-to step or limited focus of a video shot can lead you in the wrong direction. If something goes wrong, do you have a team available to remove your hand from the vice grip of steel garage door sections? Do you understand all the parts of a garage door and how they work off one another?

Take a moment to look at your garage door. Look at the sections, the metal, and all the intricate components.

Garage doors are designed to close firmly, and even a pinched finger in one of them can hurt like heck and cause serious damage. Without examining the specific state of a garage door system, how can a video instruct you on safely diagnosing everything wrong with a malfunctioning garage door?

Even Garage Door Professionals Face Danger

Experienced professionals have been seriously injured or killed while trying to repair garage doors. Sure, garage doors are supposed to have safety features, but what happens when the safety feature is what needs repairing?

Ask any general property contractor, and they’d much rather work on a roof than a garage door. They know every brand and model of garage door significantly varies in specifications and functions making each repair a high-risk situation.

Bottom line, garage door repair is a professional skill that requires professional training. Even then, it’s best to choose the most specifically experienced garage door contractor available in your area. For broken springs, faulty door openers, or emergency repairs, contact Smokey’s Garage Door. Safety is always our priority.

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