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If your garage door is loose, crooked, or not opening or closing properly, it is possible that the garage door track is bent. In rare cases, the track can even break, causing the garage door to suddenly drop or close unexpectedly. If your garage door has a bent track, there are a few things you should do in order to make sure that the track is fixed and safe to use.

Reasons Behind A  Bent Track

 When your garage door track is bent, the first step is to figure out why the track is bent. There are a few possible explanations for a bent garage door track, such as:

  • An improperly installed garage door
  • An improperly installed door frame
  • A heavy garage door
  • Improperly lubricated tracks
  • Rollers on your garage door track that fall off 

If the track was bent due to an improper installation, there are a few steps you can take to verify this. First, move the garage door up and down a few times. If the track is bent in one direction, your installation was done incorrectly. If the track is bent in both directions, your garage door may need to be replaced. 

What Should You Do if Your Garage Door Track is Bent?

1. Replace Bent Rollers

One way to fix bent garage doors is to replace the garage door rollers. Garage door rollers are easy and inexpensive to replace. Simply loosen the mounting screws, remove the old rollers, and install the new rollers. 

2. Lubricate Track 

If your garage door track is bent due to excessive usage, your garage door may require lubrication. Lubricating your garage door track helps the rollers glide smoothly on the track and makes the track easier to move. You can use garage door lubricant or WD-40 to lubricate the garage door track. Apply the lubricant to the track several times.

3. Clean the Track

If the bent garage door track is not due to excessive usage, your garage door track may be dirty or obstructed by debris. Clean the track by sweeping and wiping it with a clean cloth. 

4. Replace Bent Track 

If the bent garage door track is beyond being stretched or bent, the track needs to be replaced. Replacing the track is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Therefore, this task should always be left for professional garage door contractors to handle.

5. Replace the Garage Door

If your garage door is a safety hazard due to a broken track, it is safer to replace the entire garage door than to repair it. When installing a new garage door, you should replace the door jamb as well. This will ensure that your garage door is working properly.


If your garage door has a bent track, it’s time to call a professional! Our experts at Smokey’s Garage Door can repair or replace bent tracks, bent rollers, and broken tracks on your garage door.

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