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As homeowners strive to improve the look of their current homes, the garage has become a target for renovation/upgrading. Homeowners realize that incorporating unique designs into their garage doors gives their home an attractive touch.

Gone are the days when all garage doors were simple white structures that opened up using a manual mechanism. Nowadays, people are experimenting with colors, shapes, and sizes. Customization is increasingly prevalent including multiple elements of technology infusing their way into the door design.

Here’s a sneak preview.

It’s High-Tech, Baby!

As technology pushes towards revolutionizing all home accessories, the garage door has not been left behind. In recent years, homeowners have enjoyed automated garage doors that can be opened/closed by simply pushing a button.

You can expect these technologies to advance to more control of garage doors from an application on your smartphone. Check out what MyQ by LiftMaster is able to do! 

Not only can you open and close the door remotely, but soon you will also be able to monitor energy consumption and predict when the doors will require maintenance in advance.

But It’s Also Not Wood.

Wood grain doors are rising in popularity because of their natural look and fit for the home. Instead of purchasing an expensive wood door and putting in the resources to maintain it, opt for a wood overlay. 

You can now get a steel garage door but make it look like a wooden one. Unique graining patterns are available to breathe a touch of uniqueness and elegance into the home.

It’s the Modernized Windows for Me.

Gone are the days when the inside of garages would be dark, lonely, and underutilized spaces. By adding windows to the garage door itself, you can let the sunshine in and transform the garage into more space for the home.

There are many design options for including windows in garage doors. Consider a vertical arrangement to get a gradual increase in light throughout the day or a horizontal arrangement to mimic a typical indoor space. You can customize your windows with a selection of tints, colors, and sizes.

That’s A Bold Color Choice.

In the past, most garage doors were designed to be plain and to attract minimal attention. Simply put, the garage was not supposed to stand out from a distance. In current times, the garage is becoming a centerpiece of the exterior of the home.

You can expect people to use bold and attractive colors that draw attention from a distance. Bold colors are not just for the accent wall inside your home.

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