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Garage doors are common causes of accidents and injuries that occur with children. Keeping kids safe around garage doors requires educating them about how to act properly around a garage door and what they should never do near one. Here are some important things to teach your kids:

Don’t Open the Garage Door Yourself

Teach your younger kids never to open a garage door by themselves. It’s important that they know to ask an adult instead of giving in to their curiosity.

Don’t Touch the Garage Door Remote

Small children may like to play with garage doors by constantly opening and closing them, which can lead to injuries; to prevent this, be sure to keep the remote away from them at all times. Similarly, make sure that the button to open your garage door is installed high enough so that it is out of reach of small children. The same goes for the passcode to open the door from the outside; make sure that only kids who are old enough know the code. If you are worried about your kids not being able to get into your home, install a combination lock on your front door.

Keep your Fingers Out of Garage Door Parts

Make sure your kids understand that they should never put their fingers inside any parts of the garage door or any of its mechanisms. This is especially important when the garage door is opening and closing. Educate them about how doing so can cause injuries.

The Garage Door is Not a Toy

Young, curious kids may try to climb up your garage door or the tracks, or even ride on a garage door that is in motion. Kids may try to ride up a door for fun. Sometimes, they will try to jump up and hang from a door, leading to injuries caused by falls or by the garage door being pulled down. Warn your children that the garage door is not a toy and that it can cause injury if used improperly.

We hope that you’ve found this information to be helpful as you and your family’s safety is important to us. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you’d like to get your garage door and sensors checked.