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When it is time to replace the garage door in your home, you have several items to consider when selecting your new door: 

The cost associated will depend on what you select within those three categories. For homeowners who deal with an HOA, there might be requirements your new door must meet. Make sure you check before starting your buyer’s research.

Door Material. Steel is a popular product for garage doors due to its durability and competitive price. The steel/Faux Wood combination is another option available.

Level of Insulation. Insulation is another important option for homeowners living in a city that experiences any form of extreme weather. An insulated door will make a noticeable difference if you have a bedroom above the garage or if you store temperature-dependent items in the garage.

Color & Design. As homeowners strive to improve the look of their current homes, the garage has become a target for renovation/upgrading. Homeowners realize that incorporating unique designs into their garage doors gives their homes an attractive touch.

Garage Door Openers 

Besides replacing the door, you may want to consider whether you have the budget for a new door opener. Wifi-enabled products provide the added benefit of monitoring your garage activity from a mobile app. You should note a battery backup is required during installation.  

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door  

  • Dented 
  • Broken Seal (leaking air, rodent, and/or bug problem) 
  • Home Remodel 
  • Opener Malfunction  
  • Broken Door Parts, such as a spring, rollers, hinges, lock  
  • Increased Repair Costs on Current Door

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