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Living in a home with a garage is beneficial because it gives you a place to store cars, items, and even work on projects that you don’t feel comfortable handling inside the house. Then again, you may feel hesitant to use the garage for any of these purposes when the garage door is damaged. The best way to solve this problem is to invest in professional garage door repair right away.

Improve Temperature Control

If the door is off track or one of the panels is damaged, you may not have reliable protection from the outside weather. Without a heating and cooling system in the garage, the space will become hot and cold during extreme temperatures, but repairs can make it more manageable. This will help you work on projects without feeling the need to use a portable heater or air conditioner.

Park Your Car with Confidence            

If you have a faulty clicker or an off-track door, you may not feel confident with parking your car in the garage in fear that the door will not open when you need to leave. You may end up parking in the driveway instead, but this is not an ideal parking spot compared to the garage. Fixing the door will instill confidence in your car’s safety, security, and accessibility while it’s in the garage.

Prevent Break-Ins

An off-track garage door may not sit close to the ground when closed. This can make it easier for a burglar to open the garage door when it is not locked from the inside. Therefore, you may not want to store any valuable possessions in the garage until you know this is no longer a problem.

Contact us if you want to make an appointment to inspect your garage door for repairs.

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You’re heading out of the house, car keys in hand, and push the button on the garage door opener when you hear a loud pop. In most instances, this noise is caused by the garage door springs snapping as the motor kicks on. Unfortunately, broken garage door springs can keep your door from opening and closing as it should and though the repair may seem simple enough, it’s best to leave the job to the pros. Here are a few reasons you should always let an expert repair your broken garage door springs.

  • Safety: The springs help raise and lower your door, bearing most of the weight of the door itself. This means, each spring is under intense pressure and strain at all times, making it dangerous to repair broken springs or make adjustments to those that are intact. Professionals have the training and protective gear that is required to ensure that the job is done safely every time.
  • Guarantees the Right Spring: There are different types of garage springs based on the type of door and motor you have. If you’re not familiar with the specifics of your garage, picking the right springs can be difficult. Experienced technicians know what springs work with your garage and will take the time to measure and fit the replacement properly.
  • Saves Time: If you’re like most homeowners, your garage door is the most-used entry into your home. When it’s broken or not working well, it’s a major inconvenience and DIY repairs inherently take time. Hiring a professional is the easiest way to speed up the repair process. They know how to fix the problem as soon as they make a diagnosis, ensuring that your door is up and running quickly, so you can get back to your routine without disrupting your daily schedule.

Fixing broken garage door springs can be a real challenge when you’re handling the repair on your own. Spare yourself the frustration and let an experienced professional fix your garage. Contact us today and let our team get your door back on track.

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Having issues with your garage door but want to avoid investing in a new garage door installation? Sometimes, a new door panel is all you need. Here are some tips of what to you should know about garage door panel replacement.

Signs You Need a New Garage Panel

While some people may need a whole new garage door, others can get by with just a garage door panel, which saves money and time. Here are a few ways you can tell if you need a new garage door panel and a little bit more about the material choices and how each one performs.

A large dent is one thing that may require a new garage panel.

Garage panels are typically made with material that is strong and sturdy, like with anything though, there are problems that can occur. For instance, garage door panels made out of wood can weaken, due to age or being exposed to the elements, and the wood may start to rot.

Metal is another material used in making garage panels but even this material becomes less strong over time and it can rust too.

Aluminum is yet another material used and removing a dent from an aluminum panel is something that traditionally requires the help of a professional.

You Have a Choice in Designs

The great thing about replacing your garage door panel is that you do not have to go with one particular style or look because there are plenty of options that will enhance the look of your garage.

If you do happen to need a new garage door panel, you do have choices in the design. Stock, semi-custom, and custom doors are all choices that are available. Keep in mind that stock is going to be the lowest in cost, semi-custom will be in the mid-range of price, and custom doors will be the most expensive but is customized to your specifications and will better reflect your own aesthetic.

The stock garage door panels are available in a variety of designs and you can even get them with or without glass.

You might choose a wooden door that has options you like. These are ready to be painted and those that are for a two car garage is typically made of pressed wood or Masonite. The good thing about being able to paint the door is that you can match it to your existing paint colors; and as mentioned, the wood garage door panels will be less expensive.

Price Considerations

There are considerations in price when choosing a new garage door panel. Which style and material you pick is what will determine the price. For instance, if you were to choose a steel door, you are obviously going to pay more than you would for a wood door. One style that gives you a lot of options is the semi-custom door since it provides you with a variety of designs and panel styles at a lower price than if you were to choose a custom door.

If you’d like to hear more about garage door panel replacement, please feel free to contact us here at Smokey’s Garage Door.

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More and more homeowners are opting to insulate their garages, so garage door insulation is increasingly in demand. Whether you spend hours in your garage every day or just simply use it as a place to park your car, an insulated garage door is a worthy investment. Here are 4 reasons to purchase an insulated garage door for your home:

  1. Save Money – The dog days of summer aren’t just caused by the heat, but also by exorbitant energy bills! The average 2 car garage measures 400 square feet, and if it’s attached to your home, it can really warm things up. An insulated garage door can cool down your garage during the hottest times of the year and therefore make the rest of your home more comfortable, requiring less energy usage.
  2. Aesthetic Value – Insulated garage doors have a sleek, smooth appearance. The white, finished look will appeal especially to those who spend a lot of time in their garage, using it as a rec room or workshop.
  3. Stronger Door – With steel covering both sides of the insulation, they are able to hold up against normal wear-and-tear better than the average garage door, which also means less maintenance costs.
  4. Reduce Noise – Having an insulated door helps to decrease the noise caused by normal operation, and can reduce the jarring sound of power tools or your teenager’s band practice.

To schedule an estimate on a new insulated garage door or garage door installation in Phoenix AZ, or if you have any questions, please contact Smokey’s Garage Door.



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If you accidentally back into your garage door, it is very important to contact a garage door specialist to evaluate the condition. The damage may not be immediately apparent. While damaged panels can be an easy repair, extensive damage can require more comprehensive repairs or replacement.

During an inspection, Smokey’s Garage Door will:

  • Check that the eye sensor is properly aligned and working
  • Test your garage door’s automatic reverse
  • Evaluate the garage door’s balance
  • Inspect the condition of the springs
  • Assess the health of the garage door’s pulleys
  • Inspect the lifting cables for fraying or broken strands
  • Check the condition of garage door rollers
  • Inspect the brackets and hinges
  • Evaluate the condition of the bottom rubber and weather seal

Ultimately, if you accidentally back into your garage door, don’t wait until you have a catastrophic garage door system failure. Your garage door is one of the most important components in your home. It is not just a convenient method for entering your home, but it can directly impact the value of your house. Moreover, it provides secure space for vehicles and personal property. Therefore, a damaged garage door is a security and safety risk.

It is critical not to ignore your garage door. A safety inspection can save you thousands of dollars since catching repair issues early on can prevent additional damage or serious injury. Your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds, the last thing you want is for it to come crashing down on you or someone else.

Do you have questions? What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to schedule a garage door inspection, or talk about a related topic, please contact us at Smokey’s Garage Door.

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Keeping your home safe is an important priority. Knowing that your garage door is there to protect your belongings gives you peace of mind. If your garage door isn’t doing everything it can to keep your home safe, it’s time to think about investing in a garage door replacement project. Here are some signs that it might be time to say goodbye to that old garage door.

1. You Hear Strange Sounds

If you notice that your garage door is making sounds that are louder and more disruptive than usual, consider scheduling an appointment to check out what’s wrong. Some common garage door sounds you’ll want to look out for include grating, ticking, rumbling or banging. Be sure to pay special attention when the sounds seem relentless.

2. Your Garage Door Has Exterior Damage 

If your garage door has damaged, rusty, or scratched panels, it’s worth thinking about a replacement. Your home will feel more aesthetically pleasing, and you won’t have to worry about any future breakdowns as a result of the damage.

3. You Want Something New 

Maybe you’ve had the same door for years, and it’s worn down or unfashionable. Or maybe you just moved in to a new place and are looking for a remodeling project. Adding a new garage door can make your home feel more luxurious and trendy.

4. You Don’t Feel Safe 

If your old garage door doesn’t make you feel safe, an upgrade could bring you some needed relief. Looking into a new garage door model with high-end safety features could be the right answer for you.

If you have any questions about garage door replacement or repairs, please feel free to contact Smokey’s Garage Door at any time. We’re happy to help with all your garage door needs.

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Has your garage door become stuck while either opening or closing? People often take their garage doors for granted, just expecting them to work. However, like all mechanical devices, garage door parts will age and wear over time. In some instances, there are easy fixes that you can do yourself. However, there are many times you will want to call a professional. Identifying the issue is the key to knowing whether or not you need to call for help.

Why Did My Garage Door Get Stuck?

1. Weather Related – If your garage door’s issue corresponded with changes in the weather, you may need to modify the opener’s pressure. While this may seem like an easy fix, it is best to leave this modification to a professional. An adjustment that causes too much force could result in the door not stopping properly and therefore become a danger.

2. Broken Springs and Pulleys – If a spring breaks, this can make it very difficult to open. Moreover, a pulley can become stuck with a misaligned cable or an obstruction. Because of the high tensions involved, problems with springs and pulleys will need a professional garage door repair. It is simply too dangerous without the proper tools and knowledge.

3. Off the Track – You will know this is the problem if, as the title suggests, the door rollers are off their track. While it may seem easy enough to pop the rollers back on track, it is best to have a professional complete the repair. This will help ensure that the actual cause is fixed and no damage is done to the door panels.

4. Track Obstruction – Your stuck or frozen garage door can be caused by a simple track obstruction. Inspect the track to see if a broom, shovel, or other obstruction is in the way of the track. This is normally a fast and easy fix. Additionally, use a garage door lubricant spray on the tracks and other hardware. 

5. A Locked Garage Door – You would be surprised at the number of times a stuck garage door is caused by it being fully locked. Nevertheless, this is another easy fix.  Someone simply locked the door without you knowing. Once identified, you simply need to unlock the door.

Do you have questions? What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about a stuck or frozen garage door, or a related topic, please contact us at Smokey’s Garage Door

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A garage door may seem like a pretty basic bit of mechanical hardware. However, the reality is that sophisticated electronics control the operation and some of the moving parts require delicate and precise adjustment. A faulty garage door installation is the last thing a homeowner wants since it not only disrupts your daily routine with greater inconvenience; it can also be a serious security problem. Here are four reasons why every homeowner should trust a professional when it comes to garage door installation:

1. Extra Parts Required: Many homeowners purchase a garage door kit only to find that the instructions recommend extra parts not included in the kit, like a steel stiffener to reinforce the door when lifted automatically. People who are inexperienced and decide to go the DIY route tend to skip this advice and will oftentimes end up with a bent, damaged new door after a single practice lift.

2. Centerline Exceptions: The majority of lift motor installations need to be centered with respect to the door, otherwise twisting occurs with each lift. However, there have been exceptions to this rule due to unique structural issues. Then again it takes an expert to recognize when the exception rule applies, and in such cases, it takes skill and experience to install the lift motor properly off-center.

3. System Options: There are many options when it comes to selecting a lift system: chain driven, screw driven, horsepower, etc. There are reasons for choosing a particular option. One of the most common mistakes made during a DIY project is not enough horsepower to lift a door’s weight. Having that said, a professional knows which features are best for a particular installation situation.

4. Proper Seal: At the bottom of a garage door is a rubber gasket. Proper adjustment and positioning of the lift motor allows the door to create enough pressure when closed so that a waterproof seal can form and keep out rain seepage. Too much pressure over-stresses a door and too little pressure results in leaks. A skilled installer knows the sweet spot.

For assistance selecting the best garage door system for your home, or to get a quote on professional installation, please contact us at Smokey’s Garage Door.

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A broken garage door is not only an inconvenience, but also a significant safety issue. Many people regularly forget to lock their back doors since the garage often acts as an extra barrier from the elements. If it is not functioning properly, it can allow easy access to the home and loved ones.

There are a wide variety of garage doors available for residences today. Some include but are not limited to folding, sliding, and roll-up, and most are available in a number of styles. The most popular type of garage door in America is the sectional. These doors have horizontal panels connected at a hinge and then are fitted with oiled rollers on parallel tracks. A torsion spring and bar acts as a counterbalance for the door’s weight, and these are frequently the cause of malfunction. While many of the doors have common properties, each one may require different interventions upon breaking, and it is important to have seasoned and well-educated professionals with experience to diagnose the issue.

A number of things can cause a garage door not to work properly, ranging from parts snapping suddenly to general wear and tear over the years. Some of the most common reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Misaligned track
  • Transmitter malfunction
  • Broken springs
  • Path blockage
  • Broken tension cables

Before calling a technician, doing the following checks will help save some time and frustration.

  1. Check your door by using the emergency cord while it is closed
  2. Check the batteries in the remote control
  3. Lube the garage door and opener system per manufacturer’s direction
  4. Confirm the chain tension is appropriate

If all of these are working properly and the door still will not work, then it is time for some professional help. Contact us for any repair needs and to discover the other services we offer!

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A garage door is one of the most noticeable features of a home’s exterior. It can add to curb appeal, upgrade security and make life easier. If garage door replacement is on the home improvement list, remember that the right update can deliver a significant return on investment. Here are 5 tips on selecting the garage door that’s right for your home.

1. Cost: There are basically 4 different materials to choose from in garage doors and they have their own price points. Your budget may determine whether you opt for steel or aluminum, which is generally less expensive than wood or composite wood doors.

2. Insulation: Garages are usually not heated and cooled. They can become hot boxes or ice boxes, depending on the season. This can affect a home’s energy-efficiency. Upgrade to an insulated door and the return on investment will be seen on monthly utility bills.

3. Security: A garage door needs to keep out more than intruders. What are the most severe climate conditions in your area? Homes in high-wind or heavy snowfall areas need a stronger door. Who wants to step outside after a major storm only to find their garage door caved in or a block away?

4. Automation: Including an upgrade to an automated garage door opener not only adds to a home’s value, it also enhances security and quality of life. Even carriage-style garage doors can be equipped to operate automatically.

5. Customization: Customizing a garage door may be more affordable than you think. Professional installers offer a variety of options to transform a stock door into an architectural statement. Inserting windows, upgrading hardware or selecting a custom color paint job are features that may lie within reach of even the strictest budget.

Did you know? Garage doors are the number one upscale project. The national average for the cost of a garage door is $3,140 and has a recouped cost of 90.1%!
– Source: Door + Access Systems Spring 2016

To get started on your garage door replacement project, contact Smokey’s Garage Door. Our experienced installers are ready to assist you in selecting the right door and performing all the heavy lifting to get it installed right.