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Garage doors are something you use every day, and likely taken for granted. That doesn’t mean you should become too relaxed when it comes to safety. Garage doors can cause injury, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to mitigate the risks.

Check the Automatic Reverse

Your garage door contains auto-reverse sensors on either side of its rails. Their purpose is to reverse the direction of your garage door if an animal or person walks underneath it while closing. Check these sensors by lowering your garage door and then placing an object in front of one sensor. If the door does not immediately reverse direction, have us look at it right away.

Safeguard your Garage Door Opener

Injuries can also happen if your garage door opener is used improperly. As such, you should safeguard your garage door opener by:

  • Keeping it out of the reach of children.
  • Unplugging the opener unit when you are on vacation.
  • Using a keychain remote rather than leaving the opener in your vehicle where it is likely to be stolen.
  • Choosing an opener with rolling-code technology, which will prevent unauthorized parties from performing “code grabbing.”

Of course, you should also check your garage door opener on a regular basis to ensure it is functioning properly. Consider replacing your unit if it already has some age on it.

Watch your Fingers

You can easily get your fingers pinched in between sections of your garage door. Keep your hands off of the door while it is opening and closing and see that any children in your household do the same.

Maintaining garage door safety does not have to be difficult. Inspect your door on a regular basis, and then contact us if you discover any issues. The sooner you have us look at them, the safer you and your family will be.

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The fact is that a garage door is an unsung hero in many homes as it allows homeowners to easily enter and exit their home through their garage at the touch of a button. However, while garage doors often work for years without a problem, regular use can cause wear and tear on your garage door’s components, which can cause them to fail. In order to prevent your garage door from failing unexpectedly, you should consider having your garage door periodically inspected and serviced so that issues can be fixed before a problem occurs. If you do not have your garage door serviced regularly, here are just a few reasons why this should be added to your home maintenance schedule.

Avoid Unexpected Repairs

The most important reason to have your garage door serviced regularly is that this can help to minimize the expenses that can accompany unexpected breakdowns and repairs. When you have your garage door serviced, a skilled technician will inspect all its components and make sure everything is in working order. This allows them to detect and fix minor problems before they turn into costly ones down-the-road. They will also perform preventative maintenance that can prevent the need for such repairs in the first place, saving you time and money.

Improve Home Security

By having your garage door inspected regularly to ensure everything is in working order, this can help to ensure the security of your garage door. If you are like many homeowners, then you may store valuable items such as bicycles, tools, and recreational equipment in your garage, making it important that your garage is secure. Regular inspections of your garage door can help to prevent failure of its security systems, helping to prevent a break-in.

Ensure Your Door’s Safety

Regular inspections and repairs will also help to ensure that your garage door is safe and does not pose a threat to you and your family. If your door’s safety sensors are not working properly, or if your springs let loose, this can cause your door to injure someone passing underneath it. Regular maintenance will help to ensure that your garage door is working properly and does not pose a threat.

Contact us to learn more about the reasons why it is important that you have your garage door inspected regularly.

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If your garage door opener has stopped working correctly, you’ll need to fix or replace it. A basic repair might save time and cost less, but replacement could add new features. Be sure to consider these factors:


If you buy a new machine, it might help secure your garage more thoroughly. Burglars find it more difficult to hack into modern equipment using “code grabbers” or multiple remotes.


Some remote controls cost over $454 to replace. You’ll probably receive two of them when you install a new opener. If you fix the existing system, you’ll have to keep using the same controls. This gives you an incentive to choose replacement if your remotes are wearing out.


Your old opener may only allow you to operate it with wall-mounted buttons and/or short-range remotes. A new model could enable you to use controls in your car, a cellphone or a separate long-range remote.


Another advantage of replacement is that a modern unit will probably offer more safety features. After 1992, all new openers began using sensors to identify obstructions and prevent damage or injury.


Some of the latest models have brighter, more efficient lights. Motion-activated lighting is available as well. If you replace your existing opener with one of these machines, it will improve safety, security and convenience.


Replacement gives you the option to purchase a model with a backup battery. This prevents the system from failing in power outages. However, you might be able to add this feature or replace a worn-out backup battery when a technician fixes an existing opener.

If any of these upgrades appeal to you, consider buying a new model. On the other hand, repair may be preferable when your equipment remains under warranty or you already have the above-mentioned features. Please contact us for professional service or installation.

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Whether you want to raise your home’s sale value or simply want to admire its appearance, a garage door replacement may be just the investment you need. Your garage door can help your home make a visual statement that wows potential buyers. Even if you’re not selling, you can show your personal pride in your home with this simple upgrade to your home’s exterior.

Smokey’s Garage Door has garage doors in a variety of designs and materials. You have options to fit your aesthetic needs and your budget. For example, you may want to keep your traditional style but, in a material, or color that better coordinates your home’s appearance. You might instead choose a modern design or custom and specialty doors that enhance your home in a way. You can be as creative or as functional as you want. Your new garage door can boost curb appeal and at the same time reflect your personal style.

You see your garage door almost every day. If you’re not coming home to a garage door that reflects your home’s beauty, this is one investment you may want to make now. When it comes to increasing your home’s value, almost everyone agrees that curb appeal should be at the top of your list. New garage doors add both curb appeal and value. You’ll appreciate the new look and get a great return on your investment.

We make garage door installation an easy process too. You can schedule a new door installation estimate through our website or by calling us at the phone number posted on our website. You can also start by visiting our showroom and let us help you choose from our wide variety of garage door brands, colors and styles. Either way we’ll help you throughout the process of choosing the right garage door and scheduling our experienced and accredited technicians for your new garage door installation.

Smokey’s Garage Door is here to help. We’ve been proudly serving the Phoenix AZ Metro Area since 1982. We’re family-owned and operated and we use only the highest-quality products and hardware. If you’re ready to boost your home’s curb appeal with a new garage door, contact us today to get started!

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A garage door can last between 10 and 20 years on average. Of course, your door’s lifespan will largely depend on how well you take care of it. So that you can get the most out of your garage door, here are some things you should never do.

#1. Allow Children to Play on the Door

Kids are naturally fascinated by the raising and lowering of garage doors, and often wish to hang onto them. Your garage doors are not meant to handle the extra weight of even a very small child and could suffer torsion spring damage as a result. Not only that, but it is also unsafe for your child, as he or she could fall off and become seriously injured.

#2. Continuously Open and Close the Door

Your garage door opener will operate thousands of times before it gives out. Even so, it isn’t intended to perform all those openings at once. Opening and closing your door multiple times in a row may burn out your motor or cause additional wear and tear on other parts. This is also something kids tend to do, but some adults have a fascination with operating their garage door and will do this as well.

#3. Try to Force a Stuck Door Open

Your door may become stuck because of damaged panels, worn railing, or problems with the opener. If your door will not open completely, do not try to force it up or down. Doing so could cause more serious damage than what you are already facing. Contact our team instead so that we can look at the matter right away.

Avoiding these three things will help your garage door last if possible, while requiring fewer repairs. If you do experience problems with your garage door, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Electronic garage doors are something most people take for granted – that is, until they stop working. When the power goes out or a door quits functioning, many are left wondering what to do. You don’t have to stop using your garage just because your electronic door is temporarily inoperable. Open and close your door manually by following these steps…

#1. Begin in the Down Position

Before operating your door manually, ensure that it is in the “down” position. That’s because the full weight of your door is supported by its torsion spring. Please note: If the spring is broken, the entire door could come crashing down! If your door is stuck in the open position, wait for the power to come back on or call us to make repairs.

#2. Pull the Emergency Release Lever

Your door should be equipped with an emergency release lever. This lever normally consists of a red rope with a t-handle and is attached to the door’s trolley. The trolley is the part of your garage door that is directly connected to the rail. Pulling the emergency lever detaches the trolley from its attachment point, allowing you to manually move your garage door up and down.

#3. Re-engaging the Door

Now that you have disengaged the trolley from the rail, you will only be able to operate your door manually. To automatically open and close your door again, you will need to re-engage the trolley. Do this by pushing upward on the release lever until you hear a slight click. If you are having trouble reaching the lever, you can use a broom handle or similar object to help you access it.

You may also need to reset your garage door opener. To do so, unplug it, wait around 30 seconds or so, then plug it back in.

Opening from the Outside

The above steps will allow you to manually open your garage door from the inside only. Should you find yourself locked out, you will need to enter through another door in order to access the emergency release lever.

As an alternative, you may also have an emergency release kit installed. An emergency release kit contains a locking mechanism that you can open with a key and then manually operate your door.

Ensuring Constant, Safe Operation

Keep your garage secure by having us install an emergency release kit before you experience a power outage. Check the manual operation of your garage door at least twice each year, and then contact us if you experience any problems.

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It’s not uncommon for burglars to use garage doors, especially when they provide access to an entire home. Fortunately, you can take action to make them more secure. To evaluate their security, answer these quick questions:

1. Does the interior have metal latches that work correctly? At a minimum, your garage should have this basic security equipment. You can only engage and disengage these latches from within the building.

2. Do you have a built-in keyed lock or a padlock that fits the door? It’s best if a thief can’t easily open the door after gaining entry through a window or other entrance. Otherwise, criminals could quickly steal a vehicle or lawn equipment.

3. If you have an automatic opener, does it use a rolling code system? This technology makes it much harder for intruders to use radio devices that trick the equipment into opening for them.

4. Is your door integrated with a security alarm? Like any entrance, you can set it up to trigger an alarm when someone opens it without authorization. For even greater protection, you could also install a surveillance camera.

5. Does it have any windows? Unfortunately, they’re less difficult to shatter than solid wood or metal. Clear glass lets criminals see inside the building as well; consider applying an opaque window film.

6. Are there missing panels or panes of glass? Do large gaps make it possible to reach inside? Such openings often benefit thieves who carry the right tools. It’s wise to repair or seal them if possible.

To sum it up, a secure garage door has a sophisticated opener, manual locks and opaque, sturdy materials. It significantly reduces the risk of a burglary. Please contact us today if you’d like to enhance security by scheduling professional repairs and/or necessary upgrades.

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The longevity of your garage door not only depends on the material used to make it but also the expertise applied during installation. As a homeowner, you can invest a lot of money in buying a pretty attractive and expensive garage door, but then end up installing it unprofessionally. A wrongly-installed garage door is likely to give birth to common problems, such as unnecessary noises and difficulties when opening and closing. In order to get value for your hard-earned money, you need to find a professional to install your garage door. Below are some of the consequences of improper garage door installation.

High Repair Costs

If your garage door has been wrongly-installed, it’s certain that problems are going to rise as time goes on. Such problems are likely to attract high repair costs. Remember you’ll have to call a professional technician to come and address the issue. The expert will charge you a fee and some of the garage door parts may require replacement as well. To avoid such unplanned expenses, you need to have your garage door installed by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Reduced Lifespan

A wrongly-installed garage door may not cover the expected lifespan. This is because some of the parts inside the garage door will keep on weakening every passing day. And at the end, you’ll be left with a rusty and worthless garage door. For instance, if a healthy garage door had to serve you for more than 2 years, expect your wrongly-installed door to get rusty in less than 2 years.

A Noisy Garage Door

A roughly-installed garage door is likely to become noisy with time. A noisy garage door is likely to alert potential burglars and passersby that the security of your home has been breached. Also, it’s a total disruption whenever someone enters your home, especially at night when others are deeply asleep. In essence, a garage door that makes noise when opened or closed can never offer you and your loved ones peace of mind.

A well-installed garage door can save you lots of money in the long run. If you’ve purchased a garage door and want it installed, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. For instance, you need to look for a qualified garage door installation contractor. Ensure the person installing your garage door is not only qualified but is also properly-licensed to work in your city or state. And finally, make sure the hired contractor uses high quality installation materials. That way, you’re no doubt going to have a quality job done, which enables you to save time and money.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at Smokey’s Garage Door – our team of credited garage door professionals is here to serve!

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The most popular home remodeling projects among the U.S. homeowners include bathroom, kitchen and living room renovations. Ideally, these are not the most valuable undertakings a homeowner should engage in. For instance, what’s the use of upgrading your kitchen with fancy cabinets when your garage door looks rusty, outdated, and has broken springs? It beats logic because a burglar can enter your home through the garage and run away with all your valuables leaving you with nothing. Read on to know whether or not replacing your garage door is worth it.

Seek Professional Advice

Before proceeding to the market to buy a new garage door, you first need to talk to an expert about the existing door. The specialist will inspect your garage door and tell whether or not it needs to be replaced. Remember you can spend a fortune buying a new door while you can repair the existing one and save money. If your garage door can be repaired, ensure you award the job to the most qualified and experienced contractor. But if it’s beyond repair, just go ahead and replace it.

The Value of Your Home

It’s obvious a new garage door is an expensive purchase, but there comes a time when you can’t avoid the purchase. It’s your responsibility to ensure both your valuables and family are safe. A new garage door will not only provide a secure home for your family and your belongings, but it will also give the front part of your house a fresh look. In essence, it’s worth replacing an old, battered garage door with a brand new one since it enhances the curb appeal of your home. This also increases the value of your home in case you would want to sell it out in the future.

Saves You Time and Money

If your garage door is old and faulty, replacing it can save you time and money. Figure out the time you’ll spend finding a good technician to fix your door, not forgetting the money you’ll spend for the repair task. Buying a new door is a one-time investment, and if installed properly it may last for the next several years without developing any fault.

Cheaper than Most Home Renovations

As compared to most home remodeling projects, replacing a garage door is the least expensive. For example, adding a new room to your house can cost you twice the amount of money you could have spent to buy a new garage door. The same case applies when it comes to major kitchen and bathroom renovations. Just imagine the most valuable project becoming the most affordable.

As per the above information, a garage door replacement project is worth it. The decision to replace your garage door is not only going to save you money in the long run, but it’s also going to add great value to your entire home. It’s good to invest in a garage door that is more durable than the existing one, and you should take your time to shop around for highly-recommended brands.

Smokey’s Garage Doors is here for your garage door installation needs. Contact our team of credited garage door professionals today! We’re here to serve your garage door needs and answer any questions that you may have.

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Garage door scamming isn’t a new phenomenon. You’ve probably heard or read about a family that hired a bogus garage door repair crew, who ended up taking their money and rendering no real service. These garage door scammers are referred to in our industry as “Bad Bobs.” In this post, we’ll show you how to spot a potential Bad Bob and avoid overpaying for garage door repairs, services, or parts you don’t need.

Spotting a Garage Door Scam

Most garage door scammers use unclear names or generic ones. Furthermore, they tend to use multiple names to confuse their customers. It’s also unlikely that they will have a physical showroom or business premise.

Scammers also use bait-and-switch tactics to lure unsuspecting customers. Once they bag a project, they inflate the cost of garage door repairs by adding extra charges later on.

Garage door scammers prey on homeowners who desperately need emergency door repairs because they’re more concerned about getting their garage doors fixed than what they’ll pay. Once you contact scammers, they will come quickly and perform swift repairs with unneeded parts, then overcharge you.

How to Avoid Scammers

In case a garage door professional asks you to buy additional parts, find out why they need them. It’s advisable to get quotes from two or three garage door dealers as a safeguard against exorbitant charges.

Garage door scammers tend to target ignorant homeowners who lack basic knowledge of service costs. To avoid falling for this trap, find out the average cost of garage door replacement parts and the going rates for repairs in your area.

Be sure to search Google maps or local directories to see if the garage door dealer has a verifiable location. A trustworthy dealer should have a real physical address and consistent listings across online directories, social networks, and their website.

How to Take Action

The International Door Association (IDA) has recently established an email address where you can report possible Bad Bobs. If you have or know someone who has written a complaint or have seen false advertising for yourself, you can send documentation to The IDA is continuing to work on defining Bad Bob behavior and finding the best ways to combat unethical and illegal business practices.

Fun Fact: our owner, Kevin Pettiette, is the president of IDA and sits on the committee that works towards continuing Bad Bob consumer education.

We encourage you to check out our website for a few videos that tell you what you need to know when it comes to garage door scams and security.

Are you looking for a trustworthy garage door repair service with experienced and licensed door technicians? Contact us today and we’ll give you free and honest estimates.