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As the garage continues to become an important part of the home, homeowners are seeking more functional and convenient methods of opening their doors. Tilt garage doors operate how their name implies; they tilt upwards and outwards when the door opens. They are ideal for larger garage spaces that may have double doors or a wider opening space.

To keep tilt garage doors working efficiently, door openers are typically installed to add remote control functionality and additional operation methods. There are important modern features that have been incorporated into tilt garage door openers in recent years.

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Here we look into their unique features.

Direct Current Operation for Higher Efficiency

Modern tilt garage door openers are fixed with Direct Current motors to make their operation more efficient. A Direct Current is often more reliable and stable than alternating currents. This means that you can rely on your door opener to function most times without experiencing any issues. Direct Current motors can also operate on larger doors that are common in tilt garage openers.

Better Signal Transmission Systems

Previous versions of garage openers were prone to signal interference from neighboring garage doors and other electrical devices that used the same frequencies. This was particularly prevalent with radio frequencies, where codes would often get jammed and prevent the doors from opening/closing as desired.

Modern tilt garage openers now use multi-frequency coding systems to generate unique codes across multiple frequencies. This means that the likelihood of signal interference is significantly reduced and the transmitters can effectively transmit operational signals to the door opener in a timely fashion.

Automated Positioning Systems

Tilted doors can typically open to varying angles and heights. If you prefer a particular level of tilt whenever you open the door, you can now automatically program the garage opener to achieve that angle and height.

Limit positioning systems are now incorporated into the garage door opener mechanism to keep your doors at the right level of tilt. This can prevent the doors from opening too far and banging into other nearby objects whenever they’re in use.

Firmware Upgrading Options 

Because technology is evolving rapidly, it is important for garage openers to remain flexible for functional upgrades whenever necessary. Newer models of tilt garage openers can be easily programmed for firmware upgrades through their individual control panels or mobile applications. 

Customized Lighting to Enhance Visibility

When opening your doors at night, the surrounding lights may be too dim to allow for adequate visibility. Newer versions of tilt garage openers come with customized lighting that illuminates the space during every opening/closing cycle. This enables homeowners to ensure their doors and property are always safe from unnecessary contact with each other. 

Garage Door Openers Available Today

In addition to tilt garage door openers, there are a variety of ways to motorize a garage door. Continue to explore your options or contact us directly to see what will fit in your garage space.