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A garage door is one of those things where you can easily let regular maintenance slip through the cracks. You use it maybe twice per day, and ignore it the rest of the time; however, if you ignore your garage door for long enough, it will literally start to scream for your attention.

Your garage door, when opening and closing, will be rather loud. Having said that, the sound will be a pretty steady vibration or hum sound. If your garage door system starts squealing or screeching, this is not normal. These sounds are very disruptive and if you continue to ignore them, it can result in serious damage.

What Does It Mean If Your Garage Door is Squealing?

If your garage door screeches every time you open and close it, typically that means it needs some maintenance. When your garage door is screaming for attention, the following may need your attention:

Lack of Lubrication

One of the easiest potential fixes for a squealing garage door is to give it some lubrication. The moving parts of the garage door and the garage door opener need regular lubrication with lubricant designed for garage doors. You will notice the less lubricated it is, the louder it is.

Warped Rollers

The rollers are attached to the actual door and what rolls along the track. Over time, these wheels can wear down. They can become uneven, broken, or warped. This prevents the door from running smoothly on the track and often manifests in noise.

Out of Alignment

This is one of the biggest reasons for noise. Over time without maintenance, the moving parts of your garage door can naturally vibrate out of proper alignment. This creates a sort of metal-on-metal rubbing that creates the squealing noise. Unfortunately, the friction is also wearing on those rubbing parts. If you ignore it for too long, they will need to be replaced rather than just realigned.

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