When planning a new garage door installation, you likely have lots of questions. Below are some answers to some of the ones our customers most often ask us.

#1. Can I keep my old track?

It is often possible to reuse the same track; however, doing so is not advised. Even if it’s in good condition, your old track is already worn and may therefore not last as long as your new door. In addition, your door might not operate as smoothly if you use your existing track. Keeping your old track will not really save you any money, so there is really no reason to hold onto it.

#2. Will my existing garage door opener still work?

In some cases, yes. To work properly, your existing opener must meet the safety standards contained in UL-325. It must also be in compliance with your new door. Any expert at Smokey’s Garage Door can perform a check on your opener and let you know whether or not it meets these requirements.

#3. What should I do before your technicians arrive?

Make sure that the area around your garage door is free of clutter or debris. We’ll need plenty of space in which to work, so we ask that you remove all vehicles from your garage. Please park those vehicles away from your garage if possible. This will allow us better access and limits the distance we have to carry your new door.

#4. How long does the installation process take?

Most projects can be completed in only a day. We’ll be able to provide you with a better timeline once we have looked at your garage and come up with an estimate.

These are just a few questions we hear on a regular basis, but you may have others that were not covered. If so, please contact us for reliable, trustworthy answers.

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