A garage door may seem like a pretty basic bit of mechanical hardware. However, the reality is that sophisticated electronics control the operation and some of the moving parts require delicate and precise adjustment. A faulty garage door installation is the last thing a homeowner wants since it not only disrupts your daily routine with greater inconvenience; it can also be a serious security problem. Here are four reasons why every homeowner should trust a professional when it comes to garage door installation:

1. Extra Parts Required: Many homeowners purchase a garage door kit only to find that the instructions recommend extra parts not included in the kit, like a steel stiffener to reinforce the door when lifted automatically. People who are inexperienced and decide to go the DIY route tend to skip this advice and will oftentimes end up with a bent, damaged new door after a single practice lift.

2. Centerline Exceptions: The majority of lift motor installations need to be centered with respect to the door, otherwise twisting occurs with each lift. However, there have been exceptions to this rule due to unique structural issues. Then again it takes an expert to recognize when the exception rule applies, and in such cases, it takes skill and experience to install the lift motor properly off-center.

3. System Options: There are many options when it comes to selecting a lift system: chain driven, screw driven, horsepower, etc. There are reasons for choosing a particular option. One of the most common mistakes made during a DIY project is not enough horsepower to lift a door’s weight. Having that said, a professional knows which features are best for a particular installation situation.

4. Proper Seal: At the bottom of a garage door is a rubber gasket. Proper adjustment and positioning of the lift motor allows the door to create enough pressure when closed so that a waterproof seal can form and keep out rain seepage. Too much pressure over-stresses a door and too little pressure results in leaks. A skilled installer knows the sweet spot.

For assistance selecting the best garage door system for your home, or to get a quote on professional installation, please contact us at Smokey’s Garage Door.

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