Garage doors are built to last, and while they usually require little maintenance that doesn’t mean you should put off inspecting them until a serious problem presents itself. Over time, your door may begin showing early indications of a potentially serious malfunction. Spotting those signs before they snowball into a garage door repair emergency can keep you sane and your home repair budget intact. If you’re wondering what types of performance issues you should look out for, we’ve created a quick yet informative list below.

Excessive Noise

Garage doors aren’t known for being silent, but if your door’s usual noise level suddenly increases or it starts emitting unfamiliar sounds, there is definitely an issue that needs your attention. Hearing a grinding noise when you open and close your door can indicate a track malfunction, especially if the noise is paired with excessive vibrations. A loud buzzing can signal the gears in the garage door’s motor are worn or failing. Any sounds that weren’t previously present should not be ignored; otherwise, a simple repair can turn into a massive malfunction.

Erratic Movement

The sensors that ensure your garage does not close when a person or object walks or rolls underneath it are crucial to the door operating safely. If the motion of your garage door suddenly reverses or pauses for no apparent reason, faulty sensors are likely causing the random movements. Allowing the problem to persist is a safety hazard that could end with somebody getting seriously injured. Calling a garage door repair expert as soon as you notice the issue is highly recommended.

Doesn’t Open Right Away

If your garage door doesn’t budge the first time you try to open it, you’re dealing with an operation delay. This can occur for a number of reasons, and usually happens before the door stops responding completely. Fortunately, this symptom doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your garage door, it can actually indicate something as simple as a loose wire. Hiring a garage door specialist to examine your door when the delay first materializes will ensure it gets fixed before your garage door stops working altogether.

If you’re dealing with any of the malfunctions listed above, or another issue is plaguing your garage door, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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