A garage door that mysteriously opens by itself may not be that much of a mystery. It is likely a sign that a garage door repair is in your future. If your garage door is opening on its own, here are a few reasons why and what you can potentially do to resolve the issue.

Check the Opener

Even if your opener seems to be in good working order, you need to check it to ensure it is not malfunctioning. A dirty opener or one with failing batteries can cause the door to unexpectedly open. After cleaning the opener, make sure the batteries are fresh and correctly placed. Depending on your garage door opener type, you may have to reprogram it before using it.

Inspect the Sensors

Your garage door system likely includes sensors, which are designed to prevent the door from closing when something is in its way. The sensors can also force the door to stay open if they are misaligned. Check your sensors to ensure there is nothing blocking them and that they are properly aligned. If the issue continues after the inspection, it may be time for new sensors.

Check Your Neighbors’ Homes

Garage door openers communicate at different frequencies. In rare instances, neighbors’ doors may share the same frequency. If this happens, your door will likely open when they use their opener. A great way to resolve the issue is to clear your opener’s history and reprogram it to a different frequency. Check with your opener’s manufacturer for guidance on doing this.

If none of these resolves the issue, it is time for a garage door repair. A skilled professional can inspect your garage door system, determine why the door is opening on its own, and provide the necessary maintenance that your door annually needs. Request your service appointment to get your garage door behaving properly.

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